Ricardo Soldato

Ricardo Soldato
ToI Ricardo.jpeg
First Appearance Tales of Innocence
Other Appearances Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3, Tales of Innocence R
Past Life Hypnos the Reaper
Weapon High Powered Rifles
Magic Specialty Earth

[edit] Introduction

Ricardo is a valiant mercenary. He first meets the group on a battlefield and tells them to get away. He meets up with them a second time in a research facility where he is after someone in their party named Ange Serena. Ange gives him a platinum necklace for payment for him to join your party and protect her.

[edit] Fighting Style

Ricardo uses his high powered rifle to shoot the enemies. He seems to do low to moderate damage. His magic skills are rather useful though. He specializes in Earth magic and also has a dark spell and a spell called Healing Earth that restores health of his team mates. His style overall is nearly identical to Raven's of Tales of Vesperia.

[edit] Past Life

Ricardo's past life was Hypnos the Reaper. He lost his life to Luca's past life Asura.

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