Richard ToG.jpg
King of Windor
Age 12 (child arc) 19 (main arc)
Weight 67 Kg/ 148 pounds
Height 178 cm/ 5'10"
Weapon Rapiers
JPN Voice Actor Daisuke Namikawa
ENG Voice Actor David Vincent


[edit] Introduction

Richard is the prince, and then King of the Kingdom of Windor. He's led a hard life with nearly everyone he knows betraying him. Because of this, him and a being from Fodra known as Lambda, decide to help each other out. To ease each other's pain. Eventually, Richard's mind and body are slowly consumed by Lambda. Although Richard starts out as one of the main protagonists, he slowly becomes the final boss.

[edit] Battle Style

Richard is classified as a Magic Swordsman in the Tales universe because of his ability to wield a blade and to have decent magical abilities.
His A-arte tree (Alpha artes) consists of Richard using his rapier for quick sword attacks such as Sword Rain: Alpha.
His B arte tree (Beta Artes) consist of powerful, usually dark type, spells. They are not as powerful as Malik's, the main spell caster, but they don't take as long to cast and still have some force behind them.

[edit] Childhood

Richard is the prince of the Kingdom of Windor. As a child, Richard visits Lhant for a few days. When he gets there he hides himself away in his room and stays there. That is until Asbel Lhant with his friends Sophie, Cheria and Hubert. When asked if he would like to go out and play, Richard responds only with "Why?" People had only been nice to Richard if they wanted something from him for the 12 years of his life. Because of this, that's all Richard thinks of Asbel. He refuses. Asbel keeps pestering him until Richard's sword instructor, Bryce, comes into the room and demands Richard to start his training even though he's "tired". Asbel protests and volunteers to take Richard's lesson for him. Bryce accepts and spars with Asbel. Surprisingly, he losses. A different knight instructor gets assigned to Richard and Richard and Asbel become fast friends. That knight, Asbel takes Richard and Sophie up to Lhant Hill so that Richard can see the flowers. There, angry over his loss, Bryce attacks them and tries to kill Richard, which seems to be the reason that he had been getting close to Richard. Asbel and Sophie fend him off but the two of them and Richard fall off the cliffs and land on the beach below. They wake up hours later and carve their names into the tree promising to "Always be friends".

The next day, Richard has to leave but invites all of his new friends to come visit him at the castle in the capital of Barona Sure enough, Asbel is quick to do so and rushes over. Sophie, Cheria, and Hubert all end up in Barona as well. That night they all sneak into the Royal Sanctuary. Asbel and his friends find Richard collapsed on the ground with a huge monster above him. Sophie fights with the monster but ends up getting killed in the process of bringing it down.

[edit] Adulthood

Asbel meets up with Richard again 7 years later after he is banished from Lhant. Richard's uncle has poisoned his father who is now dead. He has also poisoned Richard who has become ill. Asbel and Sophie help him escape Barona and end up at Gralesyde where they enlist the help of Duke Dalen. The new army under control of Richard arrives at Wallbridge. While there they watch Richard loose himself and slaughter a soldier. Asbel yells at Richard to stop. Richard eventually comes to his senses and looks at what he has done. He then orders that Asbel not be near him anymore in their quest. Eventually they meet back up in the castle. Together they retake the capital and defeat Richard's uncle Archduke Cedric.

Asbel returns to Lhant to speak with his brother. While he is there. Richard marches on the city with his army because he has heard talk of the citizens wanting to leave his kingdom. Asbel puts a stop to him for the time being. Asbel and his friends soon decide to go to Strahta. As they arrive at Strahta's Valkines crystal, Richard reappears and sucks all of the eleth out of the crystal and into his own body. He had also done this to Windor's crystal earlier. He reappears at Fendel's and steals all of the eleth from that too. He then flies to an island in the middle of the world and forms Lambda's Cocoon. It appears as if Richard got possessed by that monster who killed Sophie 7 years ago. That monster's name is Lambda. Lambda comes from the planet of Fodra which he supposedly destroyed all life on. Richard and Lambda tunnel to the middle of the planet to extract the rest of the eleth where Asbel and his friends put a stop to him for good.

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