Richter Arte List

[edit] Artes
Arte Type TP Use Element Learned
Mortal Summer Base 5 Fire Default
Mortal Spring Base 8 Wind Default
Enduring Summer Arcance 18 Fire Default
Aqua Edge Low level spell 8 Water Default
First Aid Low level spell 8 Water Default
Splash Mid level spell 22 Water Chapter 3
Negative Gate Mid level spell 32 Dark Chapter 3
Heal Mid level spell 20 Water Chapter 3
Mortal Equinox Base 19 Dark Chapter 4*
Enduring Spring Arcane 23 Earth Chapter 4*
Tidal Wave High level spell 48 Water Chapter 4*
Mortal Autumn Base 18 None Chapter 6*
Mortal Winter Base 22 Water Chapter 6*
Enduring Equinox Arcane 19 Dark Chapter 6*
Enduring Autumn Arcane 30 Light Chapter 6*
Enduring Winter Arcane 15 Water Chapter 6*
Blessed Drops High level spell 49 Water Chapter 6*
Bloody Howling High level spell 55 Dark Chapter 6*

* Can only be used when following the Richter Sidequests - ToS:DoNW

[edit] Mystic Artes

Name Requirements
Towering Inferno None
Eternal Recurrence Activates after Emil uses Ain Soph Aur and counters it
Lord of Flames Only occurs in final battle with Richter

Note: You cannont use Mystic Artes while controlling Richter, these artes can only be used against the player

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