Rita Mordio

Rita Mordio

Rita Mordio
First Appearance Tales of Vesperia
Other Appearances N/a
Weapon Scrolls/Whips
Sub Weapon Book
Age 15
Voice Actor Michelle Ruff

Rita Mordio (リタ・モルディオ Rita Morudio) is a playable character in the game Tales of Vesperia

[edit] Introduction

Rita is an extremely avid blastia researcher. She started her blastia research alone when she was ten years old. She hates noisy people, clueless people, dogs, and anything that distracts her from her research. She is so consumed by her research that she actually treats blastia better than people. She is somewhat bizarre and she comes off as rude. However, underneath it all, she's a genuinely nice person, especially to Estelle.

[edit] Battle Tips

Rita is one of the most powerful characters in the game who has the highest damage output, charges fatal strikes the fastest, and all her fatal strikes has unlimited range. Tidal Wave and Meteor Storm are powerful spells at her disposal, and can be equipped with End Spell to reduce lag after casting. Equip Cast Convert so she can continue to use spells without worrying about TP cost.

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