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Rokurou Rangetsu
Japanese シグレ・ランゲツ
Age 22
Gender Male
Height 180cm
Weapon Dual Blades
Species Daemon
JP Seiyuu Daisuke Kishio
Character Designer Daigo Okumura
Game Appearances Tales of Berseria

Rokurou Rangetsu is a main character in Tales of Berseria. A few years ago he had a sudden onset of Daemonblight which turned him into a Daemon.


[edit] Profile

[edit] Appearance

A tall man with black hair and golden eyes. Part of his face is obscured by his hair. He wears a mix of robes and armor, his robes being sunset colored. In addition to his dual blades, he has a giant sheathed sword on his back.

[edit] Alternate Costumes

Rokurou can wear alternate costumes that are released as downloadable content.

[edit] Personality

Cheerful and freewheeling, he doesn't seem down about being a Daemon and in fact maintains his sense of reason despite it. He's a very nurturing and supportive person, lending support to Velvet and giving Laphicet guidance. A man of duty, he always returns favors.

[edit] Fighting Style

Despite the giant sword on his back, he never draws it so he fights using his dual blades.

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