Rubia Natwick

Rubia Natwick
Rubia's concept art
Age 15
Height 5'1" / 155 cm
Weight 101 lbs / 46kg
Race Human
Hometown Fern Village
Weapon Staves
Seiyuu Mai Kadowaki

Rubia Natwick (ルビア・ナトウィック Rubia Natowikku) is the heroine of Tales of the Tempest.

[edit] History

A childhood friend of Caius who has lived in the same frontier village since they were children.

Since her parents were both priests, she had planned on going to the capital city in order to study; however, her parents were killed by Lukius and his group, who had come to take Caius's father. She went on the journey with Caius to follow Lukius.

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