Schwann Oltarain

Captain Schwann Oltarain
Schwann as he appears in battle
Weapon Sword
Age 35
Position 1st Captain of the Imperial Knights

[edit] History

Scwhann was a knight that died in the Great War, 10 years before the start of the game. Alexei, the commandant of the knights, saw fit to give him back his life. He replaced Scwhann's heart with a blastia that operates with the power of life force. Alexei did the same thing to Yeager. Since Alexei was the one that brought him back, Scwhann felt that he owed Alexei his life. Schwann disguises himself as Raven and does what he is told.

[edit] Works for

  • Alexei- Alexei assigns Schwann as a spy in Yuri's group and eventually to capture the princess, Estelle
  • Duke- Although is is hinted that Raven/Schwann might have also been spying for Duke for a bit, it is never actually confirmed.
  • Don Whitehorse- Schwann is also a high ranking member of the guild Altosk that is run by Don Whitehorse, and then his grandson Harry.
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