Senel Coolidge

Senel Coolidge
Age 17
Race Orerines
Height 5'7" / 171 cm
Weight 130 lbs / 59 kg
Hometown Holy Rexalian Empire
Weapon Bracers
JP Seiyuu Ken'ichi Suzumura
EN VA Scott Holst

[edit] Introduction

Senel Coolidge (セネル・クーリッジ Seneru Kūrijji) is a 17-year-old martial artist and marine of the Holy Alliance who can use iron eres. Although strong-willed and passionately protective of his surrogate sister Shirley, his cold nature comes off as uncaring to those around him.

[edit] Trivia

  • His name comes from Cuban writer Senel Paz.
  • The "scar" on Senel's face is revealed in Tales of the World Radiant Mythology to be a tattoo he got because he thought it looked cool.

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Senel Coolidge
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