Sergei Strelka

Sergei Strelker
Sergei Strelka.jpg
Sergei in Tales of Zestiria
Race Human
Home Rolance
Weapon Broadsword
Voice Actor(s) JP Hideyuki Hori
ENXander Mobus
Sergei Strelka is a character that appears in Tales of Zestiria. He is the head of a band of knights associated with the Empire of Rolance. A fiery man, he’s earned deep respect from his troops for his loyalty to the empire and dedication to the common people. With combat capabilities that exceed those of a normal person, he can even respond to attacks he can’t see from members of the Family of Heaven.

[edit] Appearance

Sergei has short brown hair, which is crested in the middle with two lines shaved on the right side of his head. He has Green eyes and a short, brown goatee on his chin. He wears silver, red and gold armor that covers the entirety of his arms and his shoulders. On his right shoulder is a wing-like decoration with a red line down the center. Sergei also wears a pair of black gloves. Armor is also worn on his legs which go all the way up to his theighs, with a flame look to them, matching the coloring of his arm armor which is silver, red, and gold. On his torso he wears a red tunic, made of red diamond patterns, over the top of which is a white coat. He also has a red and gold cape which is made into the shape of a flame.

[edit] Fighting Style

Sergei wields a two-handed broadsword.

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