Shaikos Ruins

Shaikos Ruins is a dungeon located on the eastern part of Illycia, south of Aspio in Tales of Vesperia. The area consists of ruins located above and below the surface. It was once a sacred shrine, but in present time it is where many blastia have been discovered, and many citizens of the world do not know about the underground level.

[edit] History

The party first travels here to help Rita Mordio investigate the area, while Yuri Lowell is suspicious of her actions. They find a secret entrance that leads to underground ruins and go further in, with Estelle admiring Rita for being so impulsive.

They find countless blastia with no cores in them. Rita explains that blastia and cores are excavated separately. They find one intact with a core already inside. Rita gives Yuri a Sorcerer's Ring to activate the blastia by shooting out concentrated aer, unknowingly activating several golems that deal with unwanted guests. After defeating the golems, the party encounters the aspects of surprise and advantageous encounters and continue forward. Eventually they find a giant blastia in the shape of a monster and Rita finds the core missing. They spot a man posing as a mage from Aspio, but Rita calls him out saying that if he does not know who she is he is not from Aspio. The man inserts the core he took back into the blastia, activating it to deal with Yuri and his friends. After defeating the blastia, Rita regretfully pulls out the core, deactivating it.

Eventually, they catch up with the man, who turns out to be a thief. He explains that a man named Dedeechi stole countless core from Zaphias and was told to give them to a man with one eye. Rita knocks the thief unconscious and says that she will inform the city guards to pick him up. With this new information, Yuri and his friends leave the ruins.

[edit] Trivia

  • There is an area that is only accessible after Tarquaron rises.
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