City of Hails and Farewells
Game Tales of Xillia
Country Rashugal
Governor Lord Cline

Sharilton, the City of Hails and Farewells, is a location in Tales of Xillia. As a semi-independent state within Rashugal, it is governed by both the local House Sharil and King Nachtigal.

The town of Sharilton was an independent state until twenty years before the events of Tales of Xillia, when the Fenn family ruled over the kingdom, as is revealed by a man on the path leading to the manor.


[edit] Geographic Details

Sharilton is surrounded by the Talys Highroad, Sapstrath Highroad, and Culmar Trail. Energy is provided to the city from windmills, which were created by one man, through the use of spirit artes.

[edit] Economy

The booming city is home to many types of stores and services. The city is populated all over with merchants, such as the man who accepts Jet Black Feathers as currency and the trader of fake Great Spirit materials.

The party can find an Inn here with a Food Vendor, as well as Weapon, Armor, Accessory, and Item Vendors.

[edit] Story

In Tales of Xillia, Jude Mathis, Milla Maxwell, and their party first enter Sharilton while running away from Jiao after defeating him in the Sapstrath Deepwood. As soon as they enter, they find a man selling Efreet-fired cups, and a young girl going to buy them. Milla sees through the merchant's ruse and gets the young girl a discount. The young lady reveals herself to be Driselle of House Sharil, alongside her butler, Rowen. Lady Driselle then invites the party back to her manor for tea to thank them for saving her money.

When the party goes to the manor, they find Nachtigal, the king of Rashugal, leaving, so they wait outside. As they enter, they are introduced to Lord Cline, who is quickly called away on duty. He returns, and the party learns the Alvin shared their secrets with Cline in order to obtain information regarding rumors about Nachtigal. Afterwards, the group leaves as quickly as possible after learning the secrets, and is ambushed by Rashugal soldiers. Rowen, the butler, comes to their rescue, and asks that the party assist him in saving Lord Cline after the young lord went out to save his citizens from a possible spyrix machine, so they all head to Bermia Gorge.

[edit] Quests

Title Reward When is it available?
Jet Black Feathers Various
Costume for Alvin and Milla
The Sad Salesman Emo Glasses
3000 Gald
The Runaways (Pt. 1) None Immediately
Travel Protection Item Sphere Plus Immediately
Pretty and Pink Princess Premiere Immediately
Military Secrets None Immediately
Orange Soup Item Sphere Plus After Lakutam Seahaven
Rowen's Honor None After Lakutam Seahaven
The Shape of Our World Moonstone After Bermia Gorge
Take Over Fort Gandala Skill Tome: Spirit Negation
Taker of the Fort
Before Final Battle
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