Sheena Fujibayashi

Sheena Fujibayashi

Sheena Fujibayashi, Ultimate Summoner
First Appearance Tales of Symphonia
Other Appearances Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Weapon Spell Cards
Age 19
21 (DotNW)
Voice Actor Jennifer Hale
Megan Hollingshead(DotNW)

"And this time . . . I won't miss the main event."

Sheena, as she pleads for Lloyd to go on to help Collete in the Tower of Salvation.


[edit] Tales of Symphonia

Sheena Fujibayashi also known as Shihna Fujibayashi (藤林しいな, Fujibayashi Shiina?) in Japan, is a trained ninja from the hidden ninja village of Mizuho, located in Tethe'alla. Sheena tends to have horrible luck and is constanly falling in holes. Sheena's role in the beginning of the game is to kill Colette Brunel, the chosen of Sylvarant. After a few encounters with the chosen's group, Sheena grows fond of them and eventually joins the group in an attempt to save both Sylvarant and Tethe'alla. Sheena's is also a summoner and this skill becomes useful in the quest for saving both worlds. She travels around with her friend Corrine, a man-made summon spirit that resembles a fox. In battle, Sheena fights with magic seals that can cause a variety of status effects. Also, Sheena can summon a Summon Spirit in battle if she is in Over Limit mode and has already made a pact with that spirit.

[edit] Tales of Symhonia: Dawn of the New World

Sheena firsts meets up with Emil Castagnier and Marta Lualdi inside the Temple of Ice. Sheena saves Marta from being killed and then joins your group temporarily until she falls into yet another hole. Upon finding her she will join your group with the intention of searching for Lloyd to see why he attacked Palmacosta. Sheena remains in your party until the attack on Altamira where she stays behind with Regal Bryant to hold off the Vanguard though she returns afterward before you enter the Otherworldy Gate

[edit] Skit Faces

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