[edit] Shops

There are various shops and facilities in he town, cities and villages throughout the game.

[edit] Types of Shops

  • Inn

You can rest at an inn to recover HP and TP to the max., recover status ailments and revive KO'ed characters. A bed in certain houses can sometimes be used like an inn. Your luck also changes depending on the Inn you sleep in. As you progress further in the game, a night in an inn will cost more.

  • Weapon & Armor Shops

Here, you can buy weapons, armor, shields, headwear, gloves and other accessories for combat. You can also equip them by talking to the store owner and pressing 'Equip'. You need Gald, which can be acquired through selling items or defeating monsters, to purchase these goods.

  • Medicine & Tool Shops

In these shops, you can find accessories or medicines for your party. Some accessories can be equipped by specific characters. Medicines and bottles, which can also be purchased here, can be used either in or outside of battle. Your stats change based on your equipment.

  • Groceries

You can buy food for cooking here. Some types of food have the ability to heal either you hp, tp or both. The Wonder Chef is commonly found here and you can gain a new recipe by finding him.

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