Soma are the weapons used in the games Tales of Hearts and Tales of Hearts R.

They consist of two pieces, one wearable accessory, and a weapon that is called forth from the users Spiria. Users of Somas are known as Somatics.

The weapon that materializes is based on the Spiria of the person who wields it, and thus takes a weapon shape to suit it. Kor's Soma, for example, is a sword while his grandfather's was a long axe.

Soma mastering and use is considered to be a difficult to learn skill, with very few people managing to manifest a Soma on the first try.

Soma are capable of evolving. As their wielder's Spiria grows and changes, the Soma will evolve to match it.

Somas were created by Fluora Spodumene. Their original purpose was to form Somatic Bonds between people. The idea was inspired by Will wisps, and how they react to peoples Spirias. They glow brighter when they sense positive emotions in a Spiria, which then in turn makes people admire their beauty even more. This positive feedback cycle was the origin behind Somatic Bonds.

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