Sophie's Arte List

[edit] Assault Artes

Name CC Effect
Shimmering Cut 1 A chopping attack using photon-infused blades.
Triple Strike 2 A charge followed by a three-part punch combo.
Eagle Dive 2 An attack followed by a diving strike with hawk-like claws.
Dragon Dash 2 A double kick to the left, then right.
Elegant Flash 2 A lunging strike in which Sophie slashes to the left.
Double Moon 3 A spinning, two-part aerial kick that knocks foes high into the air.
Demolition Drive 3 A quick dash followed by a flurry of slashes to exploit brief windows of enemy vulnerability.
Phantom Dance 3 A pirouette with outstretched blades of light that slices foes as they're knocked into the air.
Piercing Blast 4 A photonic laser blast fired downward after a leap into the air.
Spirit Rush 4 A damaging combination of attack that creates a mass of solidified energy.
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