Sorcerer's Ring

The Sorcerer's Ring is an item that appears in most of the Tales Mothership titles


[edit] Tales of Phantasia

This item is used to solve puzzles in dungeons. It can be found in the Cave of Burning Sand. Unlike in future games, you must equip the Sorcerer's Ring as an accessory in order to use it.

[edit] Tales of Symphonia

This is an item that can be used by anyone in the game. It is obtained in the Martel Temple at the beginning of the game. It is not a hold item, because you need it all throughout the game. It is automatically equipped onto the icons body. It has many different usages, and absorbs Energy Particles. When it does this, it releases them into the air at the user's control. This can have different effects varying from shooting fire to producing a sound.

[edit] Tales of the Abyss

This is an item that is used by Mieu to speak and do other actions. It is obtained from the Cheagle Elder at the beginning of the game. In this game, it absorbs Fotons, and then releases them into Mieu's body, allowing him to do different things, such as breathing fire, destroying objects, even fly.

[edit] Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

You will obtain this item in the cave near Luin. Nobody gives it to you, but it is automatically placed on Emil when he becomes a Knight of Ratatosk. The way to control it is by pressing Z and using the Wii Remote to "steer" it. It does the same basic things as in Tales of Symphonia, with a few removed abilities. One of which is the ability to freeze any monster by shooting it. Now only monsters of the opposite element of the element of the Sorcerer's Ring will be frozen and all elements will be provoked to attack you.

Note: While holding down Z, you cannot be attacked by monsters until you let go of the button

[edit] Tales of Vesperia

The item makes a return in Tales of Vesperia. It has the same functions as previous games; it shoots a ball of fire to do many things. The one notable difference from other games is the fact that you can level up your Sorcerer Ring. As it gets stronger the ball of fire becomes bigger and moves faster. The highest level that it can attain is level 5.
The Sorcerer's Ring can also freeze enemies, but once again it has an upgrade in this game. Occasionally when you freeze an enemy, they will become stunned. If you touch the enemy while it is in this state, you will start the battle with an advantage.

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