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Sorey in Tales of Zestiria
Race Human
Home Elysia
Height 5'9" (175cm)
Weapon Sword
Appearances Tales of Zestiria
Voice Actor(s) JP Ryouhei Kimura
ENRobbie Daymond
Sorey is the protagonist in Tales of Zestiria. He lives within Elysia where Humans and Seraph live together. Unlike a lot of other humans, Sorey has the ability to see Seraph and has developed a friendship with a Seraph of Water, Mikleo, who have been friends since childhood. In his youth he came into possession of a book called "The Celestial Record" and has since has a fascination with ancient ruins and the Seraph. At the beginning of the events of Tales of Zestiria he meets a young girl wanting to become a knight, called Alisha.


[edit] Personality and Characteristics

Sorey is an optimistic person with a kind heart. He dreams of a world where Seraphim and humans can coexist the same way he does with his family in Elysia. He is intelligent, as is evidenced by his avid interest in history and langauges.

Sorey and Mikleo share a love of archaeology which serves as one of their driving forces in the story. They express a desire to become explorers at the beginning of the game, and fulfill that desire in parallel with their quest to quell Heldalf's malevolence.

[edit] Appearance

Sorey has messy brown hair which is swept to the right side, with Green eyes. He wears yellow feathers as earrings along with a blue shirt and white gloves. Atop of the blue shirt is a large white cape that extends over his chest which is adorned with blue patterns. He also wears black trousers and white boots.

[edit] Background

Sorey was born in Camlann during an invasion by Heldalf's armies. He was born prematurely, and his mother died either as a result of the birth or of the violence ensuing. Seraph Zenrus encountered the infant Sorey when he visited the village to assess the damage shortly after the invasion.

Sorey and his childhood friend Mikleo were both brought to Elysia by Zenrus and raised by the Seraphim living there.

[edit] Tales of Zestiria

[edit] Early Game

Sorey is the protagonist of Tales of Zestiria, together with Mikleo. The two of them begin the game by exploring the Mt Mabinogio Ruins together. Sorey explores the outside of the ruins and finds a mural depicting a shepherd holding a sacred blade. Mikleo is introduced as they discuss the find, arguing over whether they can draw conclusions based on its presence in the ruins. A lightning storm then forces them both to retreat back into the ruins, but the ground crumbles underneath them and they fall into a previously unexplored section underground.

After Mikleo softens their fall using seraphic artes, the two of them explore the new area together. They encounter hellions along the way, moving forward until Sorey catches sight of an unconscious girl across a chasm in the main hall of the ruins. After some further exploration, they (either Sorey or Mikleo, depending on player choices) discover an invisible bridge which they use to make their way across the chasm.

Sorey wakes the girl and introduces himself, though she is reluctant to offer her own name. She reveals that she came from the city below the mountain, and Sorey offers her to stay in his village until she can make her way back.

They return with their visitor to Elysia and Sorey introduces her to his family. However, as her resonance is too low, she cannot see or hear them. He then allows her to explore the shrine as he goes to justify her presence to Gramps who is not happy about the situation.

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