Spada Belforma

Spada Belforma
Spade Belforma.jpg
First Appearance Tales of Innocence
Other Appearance Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2, Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3, Tales of Innocence R
Past Life Durandal
Weapon Swords
Magic Specialty Lightning


[edit] Introduction

Spada Belforma is the youngest out of eight brothers. Due to this, he is unable to receive any sort of inheritance and was most likely to be married off for political reasons by his parents. It is said that Spada didn't get along with his family and was only cared for by the family butler, Hartman, during his youth. He frequently skipped out on the private school he attended, due to his family not caring enough to get a tutor for him, though he does say tests every day weren't his style. At about sixteen, he had finally had enough of the life he was living and ended up running away from home, living in Regnum's Industrial District (or sewer system) in a hideout that he ended up making himself.

In the game's beginning, Spada is seen being taken away by two guards for causing a fight and most of the townspeople say that he had moved 'inhumanly', most likely because he was a Fallen. Luca and Iria meet Spada in the Fallen Rehabilitation Center (along with Chitose), where he scares Luca on accident by acting tough but introduces himself soon after the two clear things up. He, Iria and Luca are called out to do a test and end up fighting a Fallen that reacted to Luca's mere presence.

When Luca seemed to lose the will to fight, Spada moved in front of him and fully awakened, defeating the second Fallen that they had been forced to fight all on his own. The three are sent to war, and Spada seems to be eager to fight. He does pull Iria away from Luca a couple times because he wants Luca to score with Chitose. After causing the Garam soldiers to fall back, the three have a brief respite before having to head back to camp because it's on fire. They meet a mercenary and a crazy pink-haired man but are given a chance to escape, which they do.

They head to Naos, where they go to check the Church for the Holy Maiden, only to find it destroyed. It seems as if their time there was wasted until an old man arrives and Spada recognizes him as Hartman. Unfortunately, Luca and Iria find out about Spada being the son of a noble family and Iria teases him about this to make him angry. They spend the night at Hartman's place and end up going to look for the Holy Maiden come morning.

[edit] Personality

Spada is a delinquent by default, so his personality is pretty rough and seemingly bully-ish at the beginning. His speech pattern is akin to a delinquent's as well, leaving out simple letters of a word and just speaking in a rough manner as well. During the course of the game, Spada mellows out some but still retains a slight rough aspect to his personality. He enjoys teasing Luca with Iria, but it's shown that he really cares deep down about the boy due to their connections in their past life, which makes Spada worry about him. He does get angry at some points and raises his voice at whoever angered him (usually Luca), but it's shown that he does have a kind heart underneath that rough shell of his.

[edit] Fighting Style

Spada, to outdo his brothers, took up training with two swords instead of one. He holds the right blade near his chest and neck and the other near his abdomen, facing opposite directions. His fighting style is rough but also seems to be refined in some way with his blocking technique.

Due to being the reincarnation of Durandal, Spada is able to use Artes and is aligned to wind and thunder magic. His Mystic Arte, Shinretsu Senkouzan, is only available when he reaches Awakening status. It allows him to transform into Durandal and rip his enemies asunder before transforming back to normal.

[edit] Past Life

In his past life, Spada was the Holy Sword Durandal, who was forged by Vulcan and given to Asura as a present from Inanna. Asura treated Durandal as a friend and a person with feelings and the two became closer than ever. Unfortunately, Durandal was used by Inanna to run Asura through and expressed that he only did what he was told and nothing more, since he was only a sword and couldn't move or do what he wanted to. Durandal was snapped in half by Asura and immediately killed and is seen in Sky Castle along with Inanna and Asura's dead and soulless bodies.

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