Spirit Fossil

Spirit Fossils are stones that are composed entirely of mana. When nearby the stones emit a rhythmic humming sound and can warp the environment around them. Hammerzamm is one such example of a monster who came into existence after it was exposed to the mana of a Spirit Fossil in Felgana Mine. Spirit Fossils are also the physical embodiment of a spirit after it dies and manifests itself in the Human World, Reize Maxia and Elympios. They are primarily utilized in Tales of Xillia as fuel for Spyrixes, a piece of Elympion Technology that removes the use of the need of a Mana Lobe to wield Artes, in doing so the chain of supply and demand between the Human's Mana Lobe, the Spirit, and Arte is severed causing the Spirit to die over time and the mana from the Spirit Fossil to be drained completely. As the spirit dies it manifests itself back into the Human World as a Spirit Fossil creating a finite supply of Fossils to use as part of this technology.

Spirit Fossils can also be used to re-manifest the body of a deceased spirit, by the use of Boosters, as Gilland did with his Spyrite, Celsius.

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