Spoiler Policy

For the most part, our wiki is completely, 100% NOT spoiler free. However, we have a few simple guidelines pertaining to the exact nature of spoilers on the wiki.

[edit] Spoilers and When to Declare Them

As mentioned in our Manual of Style, you are encouraged to write your articles without worrying about spoilers and this is true even in those times where you'll need to simply declare that they're there. When is this, you might ask? Our wiki observes the following time table when it comes to spoilers:

  • Early-Mid game content for NEW releases is considered not a spoiler and therefore doesn't need to have any declared
  • Late game content up to and including endgame characters, scenarios, and dungeons for NEW releases are considered spoilers from day of release in English until 6 months after that. After 6 months, the spoiler warnings on pages pertaining to the new release can be lifted
  • If the spoilery content is from an older game, or it has been at least a year since the English release, there is no warning necessary for spoilers

That's it! But wait, what about Japanese releases since Japan usually gets new Tales content before the West? Simple: we don't deal with it. The information we compile here, barring a few archival exemptions, only concerns the localized versions of games. We do not make pages until or unless a localized name is announced or revealed.

That said, any information pre-Western release is considered a spoiler and pages made using localized terms from unreleased new content are considered spoilers until day of Western release (since press release information is usually related to the early game) and must be marked as such. Tales games that were never localized to begin with fall under the "They're so old, there's no spoilers to be had anymore" category and won't need any warnings.

[edit] How Do I Mark a Spoiler?

Easy! Any time you make a page that is going to have spoilers somewhere on it, no matter if it's just for a sentence or a paragraph or the whole page itself, you will only need to make one declaration. That declaration is a special Message Box for spoilers that looks like this:

Stahn Spoilers.png

Beware! This article may contain spoilers! Please read at your own risk.

You can quickly and easily add this to any page that needs it by typing {{Spoiler}} on the page.

In the case where you're adding pages as localized information for a game is being revealed, or editing information on a game's page that hasn't been released in Japan yet, you have a unique spoiler marker to use until the game's English release. It looks like this:

The information provided on this page is conjecture based on translations from press releases, and therefore is subject to change.

And can be placed where it needs to be in a page by simply typing out {{Unreleased}}.

Both of these markers should be placed at the very top of a page as per the Manual of Style.

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