Stahn Arte List

Note: This article lists all of Stahn's Artes in Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut. It will also list all localized names of these Artes, except those that have not been localized yet.

Melee Artes

- Demon Fang: Learned at Level 6, costs 2 CC

- Swallow Dance: Learned at Level 10, costs 2 CC

- Tempest Strike: Learned at Level 12, costs 3 CC

- Tiger Blade: Learned at Level 14, costs 2 CC

- Dragon Swarm: Learned at Level 20, costs 3 CC

- Soaring Demon Fang: Learned at Level 30, costs 2 CC

- Beast: Learned at Level 32, costs 2 CC

- Demonic Tiger Blade: Learned at Level 36, costs 3 CC

- Omega Tempest: Learned at Level 42, costs 3 CC

- Light Spear: Learned at Level 65, costs 3 CC

Elemental Melee Artes

- Hell Sword: Learned at Level 7, costs 2 CC

- Dragon Slayer: Learned at Level 18, costs 2 CC

- Shakkouken (灼光拳 , "Miraculous Light Fist"): Learned at Level 22, costs 3 CC

- Azure Edge: Learned at Level 24, costs 2 CC

- Hell Pyre: Learned at Level 26, costs 3 CC

- Severing Wind: Learned at Level 28, costs 3 CC

- Dragon Toss: Learned at Level 34, costs 4 CC

- Light Spear Blast: Learned at Level 38, costs 3 CC

- Rising Phoenix: Learned at Level 44, costs 4 CC

- Infernal Torrent: Learned at Level 49, costs 4 CC

- Searing Gale: Learned at Level 53, costs 4 CC

- Fiery Beast: Learned at Level 60, costs 4 CC

- Phoenix Blast: Learned at Level 99, costs 3 CC

- Frigid Moon: Learned after defeating Lydon, Ilene or Kronos on "Evil" diffuculty, costs 3 CC

- Rending Quake: Learned after defeating Tiberius, Baruk or KOTSU-MOTSU on "Chaos" difficulty, costs 4 CC

Altered Artes

- Coil: Must have equipped the "Battle Gauntlet", activated by pressing "DOWN" and "Guard", costs 2 CC


- Fire Ball: Learned at an event, costs 2 CC

- Eruption: Learned at Level 16, costs 3 CC

- Fire Wall: Learned at Level 23, costs 3 CC

- Fire Storm: Learned at Level 29, costs 3 CC

- Fear Flare: Learned at Level 40, costs 4 CC

- Flare Tornado: Learned at Level 46, costs 4 CC

- Explosion: Learned at Level 57, costs 5 CC

Aerial Magic (Note: Using a certain already-learned Magic spell mid-air activates these Artes)

- Flame Shoot: Activated by using Fire Ball, costs 2 CC

- Blaze Beast: Activated by using Eruption, Fire Wall or Fire Storm, costs 3 CC

- Raging Flare: Activated by using Fear Flare or Flare Tornado, costs 4 CC

- Volcanic Rage: Activated by using Explosion, costs 5 CC

Blast Calibers (Destiny's name for Mystic Artes)

- Phoenix: Obtained at an event in Harmentz, Blast Gauge must be Level 1 or higher

- Burning Phoenix: Obtained at in Harmentz, Blast Gauge must be Level 1 or higher, and Stahn must be in the air while staggering the enemy

- Final Fury: Obtained at the Hidden Factory, Blast Gauge must be Level 2 or higher

- Gouma Kaijinken (業魔灰燼剣 "Professional Demon Ember Sword"): Obtained at the Swordian R&D Lab, Blast Gauge must be Level 3 or higher

- Heavenward Thrust: Only available during the final battle, Blast Gauge must be Level 3 or higher, enemy must have less than 5% HP. If these requirements are met, Stahn with automatically activate it and end the battle.

Second Playthrough Blast Calibers (These are, as the name says, these are only available on subsequent playthroughs after the first one)

- Raintive Orion: Blast Gauge must be Level 2 or higher, must perform a combo of 100 hits or more,activated by pressing "Attack" and "Artes" at the same time

- Surviving Hollin: Same requirements, but it has to be used in the same battle as Raintive Orion

- Celestial Earth: Same requirements, but it has to be used in the same battle as Raintive Orion and Surviving Hollin

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