[edit] Suzu's Sidequest

This is probably one of the most important sidequests in the game, as it will give you the opportunity to get an optional character. To start off the quest, go to the Town of Eternal Darkness and talk to the woman in the food shop (she's in the lower left side) and she'll tell you about the ninja hot sprungs and where they are.

After that, head over to the Ymir forest, and from the Elven village, go up 3 times, left 3 times then up 3 times. You should see Suzu there waiting for you. She'll take you to the ninja village and you'll get some cut-scenes in the chief's house.

Once you're done, head over to Euclid and defeat the battle in the coliseum. Before the final battle, Suzu's parents will appear and you'll have to fight them all by yourself. Win or Lose, they still both die.

Afterwards, proceed back to the Ninja village and into the chief's house. After some chatting, Suzu goes along with you and Cress obtains a sword and a title.

You will obtain:

Suzu (Playable character)

Masamune (Sword)

Samurai (Title for Cress)

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