Sylvarant is one of the two worlds in Tales of Symphonia. It is the alternate dimension to the world or Tethe'alla. During the frame of the game, Sylvarant is losing it's Mana, so the Chosen of Regeneration for Sylvarant must break all of the 5 Seals to redirect the Mana Flow.

[edit] Geography

Sylvarant is split in two by a mountain in the middle. The Palmacosta region is on one side, while the Asgard region is directly on the other. There is a wide ocean around the main continent.

[edit] Seals

The 5 Seals that are used to redirect the Mana Flow are:

The Seal of Fire (Triet Ruins Seal) - This Seal is located inside the Desert, near the town of Triet. It's heat makes it the perfect place for the guardian of Fire, Efreet.

The Seal of Water (Thoda Geyser Seal) - This Seal is located near the town of Palmacosta, which is also the biggest town in Sylvarant. It is filled with hidden technology that helps the Chosen advance through the Seal.

The Seal of Wind (Balacruf Mausoleum Seal) - This Seal is located near the city of Asgard, close to Lake Umacy. It is a tourist attraction, but it can only be opened by the Chosen.

The Seal of Light (Tower of Mana Seal) - This Seal is located near the town of Luin. It was formerly a Church area, but the residents had to get rid of it because it became full of monsters. It currently is still the house of these monsters, but is also a Seal.

The Final Seal (Tower of Salvation Seal) - This Seal is located near the town of Hima, the village in mountains. However, this is the only Seal that can be found on both worlds, and the final Seal that the Chosen's Group goes to. The Tower of Salvation Seal will only open once all of the other Seals have been opened.

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