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For quest pages, the introduction area should just include a sentence or two about the kind of quest (main or side or whatever the game defines it as) and the game(s) it appears in. Be sure to bold the title of the quest when you mention it here.

Quest Name
Location (Optional) General area the quest starts or takes place in. Link out where appropriate.
Type Main/Side, or use whatever term the game uses (Sub-event for Graces, for example)
Start (Optional) Who or what begins the quest
End (Optional) Who or what ends the quest; can also be a where if the quest ends in a place that is not the starting location
Missable Yes/No. Regards whether or not the quest can be missed if the player doesn't do it by a certain point
Rewards List out the rewards for the quest. Link out to any items or equipment.


[edit] Acquisition

Briefly explain how to obtain the quest. Where to go, who to talk to, what to get, etc. Only describe the bare minimum to start the quest.

[edit] Summary

Give the summary, if possible, of the quest as it appears in the game's Library section.

[edit] Walkthrough

Here you should go into detail on the progression of the quest and how to complete it. Be as thorough as possible.

[edit] Rewards

Material, equipment and arte rewards for quests should be displayed in tables when possible, separated into sub-headings. If a quest doesn't reward anything, you can skip/delete this section.

[edit] Navboxes

Check Category:Navigation Templates for a list of navboxes to use, depending on your page.

[edit] Categories

Consult the Category guidelines for information on how to categorize quest pages.

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