Tales of Eternia

Tales of Eternia
Tales of Eternia UK boxart
Developer Original: Wolfteam
PSP Port:Namco Tales Studio
Publishers Original: Namco
PSP Port: Namco
Platform Playstation
Playstation Portable
Release Dates Original:
JPNovember 30, 2000
NASeptember 10, 2001
PSP Port:
JPMarch 3, 2005
Ratings CERO: FREE
PEGI: 12+
USK: 0
Players 4

The japanese version of Tales of Destiny II. The game was released in English but only in England. This version runs on the PSP and is not region locked. People who live in North America or anywhere else are able to import it and be able to play it without problems.

[edit] Characters

[edit] References to other Tales Games

Tales of Phantasia

  • Tristan appears in Inferia; he mentions that Cress is preparing for the arena.
  • Claus hosts the second Namco quiz.
  • Cress and Arche appear in a special arena battle with Chester, Mint, and Claus in the audience.
  • Mint's face briefly appears on-screen when the Resurrection spell is cast.
  • Arche briefly appears as a playable character when Keele or Meredy casts Shooting Star under special conditions. Her attacks are a reference to the Groovy Arche shoot-em'up minigame found in the PlayStation version of Tales of Phantasia; they are the most powerful forms of her shots, which also appear as normal spells in Tales of Eternia.
  • Sekundes, the Greater Craymel of Time, is directly based on Dhaos. *Pluto, the Lich-like Summoning Spirit, is summoned by Shizel as one of her attacks, called "Summon Pluto".
  • The Vorpal Sword, Flamberge, and Eternal Sword are all weapons used by Reid.

Tales of Destiny

  • Chelsea hosts the first Namco quiz.
  • The Swordian Clemente hosts the third Namco quiz.
  • Stahn's sister, Lilith, is the cooking champion in Chambard.
  • Irene is in Chambard and Tinnsia; she will you give prizes for collecting Lens.
  • Paintings of Stahn, Rutee, and Philia appear in the basement maze of Chat's house.
  • The thief costume that Farah tries on in Peruti is Rutee's outfit.
  • Bruiser Kongman hosts the sushi eating mini-game in Tinnsia. He is erroneously referred as "Kong the Man".
  • The S.D. key item is the swordian Dymlos.
  • The Destiny summon spell brings forth Stahn, Rutee, Garr, Philia, and Leon for a special attack, consisting Hell Fire (Stahn), Snipe Air (Rutee), Vortex (Garr), Bomb Rain (Philia), and Marian (Leon).

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