Tales of Graces f

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Tales of Graces f

The Tales of Graces f Boxart
Developer Namco Tales Studio
Publisher Namco Bandai
Platform Nintendo Wii

Playstation 3

Release Dates Wii
JP: December 10, 2009

JP: December 2, 2010
US: March 13th, 2012
EU: August 31st 2012

Ratings 12+
Players 4
Compatible With PS3

Tales of Graces f is an updated version of Tales of Graces for the Nintendo Wii. Graces f was released on the Playstation 3 on December 2, 2010 in Japan. It also has a North American release coming up. All we know for a date is "coming soon to North America".

Graces f has a "Protect and Defend" theme, as does Graces. Despite the storyline theme being the same, there are many differences.


[edit] Main Protagonists

Asbel Lhant
Cheria Barnes
Hubert Oswell
Malik Caesar

[edit] Main Antagonists

Archduke Cedric

[edit] Lineages and Legacies

Little Queen
Fodra Queen

[edit] Story

Tales of Graces f follows the story of Asbel Lhant, heir to the title of Lord of the city of Lhant. One day while Asbel and his brother Hubert are on Lhant Hill they come across a girl lying in the flowers. The girl has amnesia and can't remember who she is or where she's from. The boys, along with their childhood friend Cheria, give the girl the name of Sophie. Several important events happen that then makes Asbel decide that he wants to join the Knights to protect his friends, and everyone else. Seven years pass by and the real bulk of the story begins.

When Asbel returns to the knight academy after a mission with his instructor, Malik Caesar, he finds his childhood friend Cheria Barnes waiting for them with grave news. Asbel and Cheria rush to Lhant and find it under attack from the country of Fendel. Asbel and Cheria rush to the border to try to stop the coming troops. They get vastly outnumbered and get chased to Lhant Hill. As the troops and their machines are about to finished them off, Sophie appears out of nowhere and saves them. The Strahta Army also comes to the rescue of Lhant along with Asbel's younger brother Hubert. After some events, Asbel gets banished from Lhant. As he's wandering around without an aim he hears that Prince Richard is in trouble. He rushes to Richards side and helps him on his quest for revenge.

Later, Asbel and his friends travel to the country of Strahta. Here they calm a monster known as the Rockgagong and meet with the country's president. The President sends them to look at Strahta's Valkines crystal. When they arrive, Richard, along with some monsters, swoop out of the sky and suck out the energy of the crystal. When Asbel and co. return to Yu Liberte, Strahta's capital, to make there report, Hubert is talking with the president. Apparently Richard did the same thing to Windor's Valkines. Hubert joins the party. Asbel and co. rush to Fendel to warn them that their Valkines is in danger.

[edit] Gameplay

Tales of Graces is seamless, therefore there isn't be a world map. Instead you walk on different roads that connect towns and dungeons. After you gain the shuttle, you can point and click on the map for where you want to go and travel there automatically. You can also scan different areas of the map to find new places. See Tales of Graces hidden locations. During your travels you will also find many Discoveries which are hidden around the field and in dungeons.

[edit] Battle System

Tales of Graces features a new Style Shift Linear Motion Battle System (SS-LMBS). This system gives each character multiple styles, which can be cycled through during combat with enemies. A new PS3 side step feature, named Around Step, has been added. It also features "Hot Switch", a feature that allows you to use the Control Pad on the Wii Remote to chain combos. It is currently unknown on how this will be performed on the Playstation 3 Version.

The Chain Capacity system from Tales of Destiny Remix makes a return.

[edit] Accelerate Mode

Accelerate Mode is a new feature, currently found only in Tales of Graces f. It is activated by pressing the R2 button, it raises the ability of some characters.

Asbel Lhant - Raises attack and can attack enemies that are downed. Also flames follow you around and act as a form of attack and defense.
Sophie - Raises attack, allows for instant movement with the Forward Step mode and speeds up CC recovery
Cheria Barnes - Makes time stop for all of the enemies
Hubert Oswell - A constant downfall of arrows fall from the sky striking the enemies until the Accel gauge is empty
Malik Caesar - Makes his close-range attacks stronger
Pascal - Stops staggering, and any allies (along with her) will take half damage if they are in a certain range
Richard - Cuts spell casting time in half

[edit] Version Differences

Tales of Graces has been released on the Nintendo Wii, but Tales of Graces f has been released on the PS3. That means there are difference between the two games.

-Sophie starts out with a new default costume in the PS3 Version
-The Playstation 3 Version is HD
-New Pricing: ¥8,379
-Graces f Features the series' first custom PS3 Theme
-f stands for Future
-A new "Lineage and Legacies" mode, which serves as a post story mode
-New "Accelerate Mode" gives stat boosts to characters.

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