Tales of Graces Hidden Locations

There are a total of 5 Hidden Locations found around the world map in Tales of Graces and Tales of Graces f. You can scan a certain area using the R1 or L1 button while in shuttle mode.


[edit] Beach Resort

X: -367.196 Y: -159.583

Here you can view this games spa scene and gain a a title for Cheria. After this event you can also obtain the swimsuit titles for your characters.
Asbel's: In Oul Raye, search the vase to the right of the item shop.
Cheria: In Sable Izolle, inspect the tools on the shelf behind the clerk of the item shop. Buy it for 100,000 gald.
Hubert's: Inside the Rockgagong. In the bottom right corner, fight a certain monster.
Sophie's: At the Strahta Desert Ruins, take the left path down the stairs and find and fight a torch elemental type monster.
Malik's: Speak with the main by the front entrance of Yu Liberte
Pascal's:Found inside the Sandshroud Ruins, south of Oul Raye (Uncharted Sandlands). You need the Amarcian Key in order to open the door. When you go down both flights of steps, a monster will be wearing Pascal's swimsuit and goggles. Kill the monster, and you get the costume.

[edit] Oswell Treasury

X: 2.836 Y: -308.583

[edit] Crazy Cat Coot's Place

X: 332.000 Y: -392.000

Locatable only after gaining access to Katz Korner.

[edit] Shuttle Crash Site

X: -381.555 Y: 129.488

[edit] Turtlex HQ

X: 334.633 Y: 180.499

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