Tales of Hearts R

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Tales of Hearts R
Tales of Hearts R Boxart (JP).jpg
Japanese Box Art
Developer 7th Chord
Publisher Namco Bandai Games
Platforms Playstation Vita
Release Dates JP March 7, 2013
NA November 11 2014
EU November 14, 2014
Rating CERO: B (recommended 12+)
Tales of Hearts R is a re-release of the original Nintendo DS game Tales of Hearts developed by Namco Bandai Games, released on the Playstation Vita in Japan on March 7, 2013. It was later confirmed the game would be released on November 11, 2014 in North America and three days later, on November 14, 2014, in Europe on the Playstation Vita.


[edit] Story

Hearts R begins with a boy named Kor Meteor in a small town out in the boondocks. His grandfather Sydan Meteor bequeaths to him a weapon of great power, called a Soma. Kor is eager to test out it's power but is told to stay put when a case of despir pops up in a neighboring village. Sulking at the beach, he finds a young girl named Kohaku Hearts washed up on the beach. She awakens as Kor approaches and convinces him to take her to the grave of Kor's mother, where another Soma lies. On the way, they run into Kohaku's brother Hisui Hearts. The three arrive at the gravesite only to be attacked by an evil witch named Incarose. Sydan appears and tries to protect the trio but gets himself injured in the process. Incarose then injures Kohak before Hisui and Kor manage to drag the wounded away.

Back in Kor's village, Sydan passes away. Determined not to allow Kohaku to follow him, Kor dives into her Spiria, the root of all of her emotions, to try to fix whatever Incarose had done to her. In so doing, he accidentally shatters her Spiria core. Filled with grief and regret, Kor leaves the village with Hisui and Kohaku to try to restore Kohaku's Spiria Core.

[edit] Gameplay

[edit] Battle System

[edit] Customization

[edit] Characters

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