Tales of Innocence

This page is for the original Nintendo DS game, for the Playstation Vita remake, see Tales of Innocence R

Tales of Innocence

Tales of Innocence Boxart
Developer Alfa System
Publisher Namco Bandai
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Release Date December 6, 2010
Rating 12+
Players 1
Compatible With N/A


[edit] Plot

The Capital Kingdom of Regnum has kept its dominance over the land during the raging wars, and kept the world at peace. There are, however, the recent appearances of humans who held within them a great mystical power, the "Fallen" (literally translated as "a person with a gift/talent"). The people started fearing the Fallen because some chose to use their power to commit crime. As such, the Capital of Regnum sent soldiers out to capture all the Fallen and experiment on them or send them into countless wars as powerful pawns. However, a young man named Luca Milda, suddenly finds out that he himself is an Fallen, while trying to protect a girl named Iria Animi with her pet Muse, Coda. They soon encounter Spada, Ange, Ricardo, and Hermana, all Fallen with memories of their past lives. After realizing that it was their past lives that led them to encounter each other, they go on a journey to acquire a powerful and dangerous item with the power to change the world, known as the Manifest.

[edit] Characters

A young boy from the Imperial Capitol of Regnum. He is shy and introverted until he is forced to escape with Iria or be caught and sent to the Compulsory Fallen Rehabilitation Program. Thanks to constant prodding from Iria and Spada, he eventually comes out of his shell and becomes braver and more outgoing. Luca's past life was Asura, overlord of the Sensus. Luca wields a broadsword based on Asura's weapon of choice in his past life, as well as fire magic.

A girl from the village of Sania in the far east. She was forced to flee her village when Mathias attacked eventually ending up in Regnum and meeting Luca. She is very outgoing and colorful, often scheming ways to tease Luca along with Spada. She becomes a crucible that allowed Luca to change along with Spada. In her past life she was Inanna, the most beautiful woman in all of Devaloka and Asura's lover. Iria uses dual pistols as well as healing and water/ice magic.

Spada is the youngest brother of a line of knights from Regnum's House Belforma. Being the youngest, he claims that all his family's inheritance went to his older brothers, therefore he left his home. Luca first encounters Spada, seeing him being arrested after supposedly taking out 30 soldiers. They later meet again when Luca and Iria get caught by the CFRP (Compulsory Fallen Rehabilitation Program). In his past life he was the holy sword Durandal, wielded by Asura. He uses dual swords and wields lightning/wind magic.

The Holy Maiden from Naos, she is known for being able to heal any ailment with a touch. Luca and Iria seek her out to begin their journey of searching for other Avatars but learn that when she tried to remove thieves holed up in the Naos Cathedral, she Awakened to her power as an Avatar and destroyed it, later being captured and sent to Naos Base. Luca, Iria, and Spada decide to go to Naos Base to rescue Ange. In her past life, Ange was the master tactician of Ratio, Orifiel. Ange uses knives to defend herself and healing spells to protect her allies. She also has Light elemental spells.

A solemn mercenary who the group first run into at the Western Battlefield. They run into him again in Naos Base and learn that he was hired to find Ange Serena and bring her to a nobel in Tenos. Ange buys him out of that contract and hires him as a bodyguard leaving Ricardo to join the party. Despite being rather cold and solemn, he provides very insightful comments to the party. In his past life, he was Hypnos the Reaper, the general of the Ratio army. He wields rifles as well as dark and earth magic.

An orphan living on the streets of Regnum. She takes care of other orphans who lose their parents because of the war. The party finds her when they need to gather information in Regnum and she offers them a deal, information for a rare mushroom in the caves under Regnum. She awakens to her past life as Vrtra, the dragon that raised Asura, to defend the children she helps take care of when get captured. She uses gloves as her weapons and has the strongest elemental spells from each element.

A Muse from Sania village, he left Sania with Iria. He is the mascot for Tales of Innocence and he offers quite humorous dialogue. He ends most sentences with "you know" and he is quite the glutton, as most Muses are.

[edit] Gameplay

Tales of Innocence uses the DS-LMBS, Dimension Stride-Linear Motion Battle System. This combines elements of Tales of the Abyss's battle system and Tales of Destiny's aerial combat.

[edit] Styles

Tales of Innocence features six styles that influence the characters' stats and allow them to learn specific abilities. Each character can equip up to five style abilities, you start with two slots, a third is opened at level 10, a fourth is opened at level 30, a fifth is opened at level 90.

  • Advance style features a higher physical attack and gives more physical abilities.
  • Wisdom style features higher magical attack and gives more magical abilities.
  • Guardian style feature higher physical defense and HP and gives skills that allow you to guard against ailments.
  • Technical style features higher agility and luck and gives more speed related skills.
  • Innocent style is unlocked by getting at least three different styles to level 15 per character then staying at the inn, it gives the characters their respective Mystic Arte and allows better building of the Tension Gauge. You have to get three styles to level 15 on each character and stay at the inn six separate times. The full party is required before Innocent style can be unlocked.
  • Versus style is unlocked by entering Multiplayer Mode or finishing a battle in under one second and staying at the inn. Unlike Innocent style, this will unlock Versus style for every character. Importantly, Versus style can only be unlocked by finishing a battle in under one second if using the Absolute Zero patch (at present writing).

[edit] Tales of Innocence R

On September 14th, 2011 Tales of Innocence R was announced. Tales of Innocence R features two new characters, Kongwai Tao and QQ Selezneva. Tales of Innocence R featured many new changes such as a Final Fantasy 12-esque "license board" to learn abilities. They upgraded the character models and added animated cutscenes. Dungeons feature puzzles this time and enemy symbols no longer exist, encounters are random but the encounter rate is manageable. The game features titles, sidequests, and costumes which were missing in the DS version.

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