Tales of Phantasia

Tales of Phantasia
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Tales of Phantasia Boxart
Release Date: SNES
JPDecember 15, 1995
JPDecember 23, 1998
JPAugust 1, 2003
NAMarch 6, 2006
EUMarch 31, 2006
JPSeptember 6, 2006
NA January 23rd, 2014
Platform: SNES, Playstation, Game Boy Advance, Playstation Portable, iOS devices
Rating: CERO: All Ages
ERSB: E10+
Number of Players Single Player


[edit] Introduction

Tales of Phantasia is the first game in the Tales series. The game was released in 1995 on the Super Famicom in Japan. Although, the game has only been released on the GBA (which is considered to be the worst version of the game) outside of Japan there have been translations of the PSX and SNES versions. In this game, the Linear Motion Battle System is introduced for the first time. Tales of Phantasia was unique for its battle system and audio voices. It was developed originally by Wolf Team which now known as Namco Tales Studio.

[edit] Versions

[edit] Game Boy Advance

The Game Boy Advance version of Tales of Phantasia was released in the year 2003. It was most similar to the Super Famicom version as the only visual differences were the sprites. This version was criticized for being too slow and having poor audio. The few additions to this remake was the lapiz pact ring for the Summon Spirit Pluto, the Summon Spirit Chameleon, and more sidequests, as well as Suzu being recruitable. Chester is also given a few skills while decreasing his strenght compared to the Super Famicon version.

[edit] Playstation

A remake of Phantasia was the first to be released in 1998. The game uses Tales of Destiny's engine so the game runs quicker and is also visually enhanced. The game includes some of the recurring features that are in recent Tales games such as titles, cooking, and skits. The player may also select any character that they want to play as instead of having to play as Cless. This game also included better sound quality since the skits were fully voiced and there was a fully animated opening.

[edit] PSP

The PSP remake was released in 2006 in Japan known as the Tales of Phantasia: Full Voice Edition. This version is mainly based upon the PS1 version with enhanced visuals and voice overs for most story events rather than just skits.

[edit] iOS

Tales of Phantasia was ported to iOS devices in Japan in 2013. It is simply a port of the Full Voice Edition for the PSP. Surprisingly, the game was also released in North America on the app store January 23rd, 2014. It's starting out as free, but will presumably be more expensive eventually. The game itself is fully in English with Japanese voices, and has a new instrumental opening. There are in game purchases, but they are unrequired to beat the game. Unfortunately, as of late August 2014, the game is being removed from the app store and all support has also been removed. This means that even if you have the app, you are unable to load your save or make any in game purchases. The app has also gone down in Japan.

[edit] Characters

Cress Albane
Cress Albane (Cless Alvein)

Age: 17 Height:5' 6"

Cress is the main hero of the game and the only playable character in the Super Famicom version. He was raised in the town of Toltus. One day when he is hunting with Chester he comes back to see the village is destroyed. He leaves the village with Chester to avenge the village and his family that were lost in the attacks. Cress uses melee combat and various weapons including swords, spears, and axes.

Chester Burklight
Chester Burklight(Barklight)

Age: 17 Height:5' 8"

Chester is Cress' best friend. He was with Cress when they were hunting and came back to see the village destroyed. Chester seeks revenge on those responsible for killing his sister, and feels conflicted when her murderer was killed by Dhaos. Chester shoots arrows from the back and deals quite a lot of damage; more damage, in fact, than Cress.

Mint Adnade
Mint Adnade (Adenade)

Age:18 Height: 5'3"

Mint is a kind hearted girl Cress meets in a prison after being saved by, what Cress presumes despite the fact of her death, her mother Meryl. Despite her appearance she has a very strong will and stout heart which is shown many times throughout the party's journey. She supports the party by raising and lowering various stats as well as healing the party or even stopping time.

Claus F. Lester
Claus F. Lester (Klarth F. Lester)

Age: 29 Height: 5' 9"

A man living in the small town of Euclid. Claus studies the art of summoning and is asked by Cress and Mint to join them on their journey. Claus refuses at first but ultimately joins because of his assistant Mirald. Claus is usually hot tempered, impatient man at times, but is very serious, and analytical when need arises. He supports the party by summoning powerful spirits from the back.

Arche Klein
Arche Klein (Arche Klaine)

Age: 17 Height: 5' 1"

Arche is a half elf girl living with her father in the Lone Valley. She is very perky and somewhat clumsy girl who may even be a little bit too headstrong for her own good. Despite her rebellious attitude she cares deeply for her friends not wanting to lose them as she did her best friend, Rhea Scarlett. She cast powerful, offensive magic from the rear of the party.

Suzu Fujibayashi
Suzu Fujibayashi

Age: 11 Height: 4' 5"

Except for the Super Famicom version, Suzu is a playable character, and is also the youngest who joins your party. She was born into a family of ninja and was trained by her grandfather. Because of all this rigorous training she does not show emotion, but underneath her calm face is the heart of a young girl. She uses a katana in battle. She is thought to be related to Sheena Fujibayashi from Tales of Symphonia.

[edit] Plot

After returning from hunting, Cress and his childhood friend, Chester find their whole village in ruins. They search the town and find that everyone has been murdered. Afterwards, they find that the one behind those deaths was Dhaos, the demon king. Once they meet Mint, they swear to avenge their families' deaths and slay Dhaos, and save the world along with it. Later as they travel back in time, they find that the only way to defeat Dhaos is to use magic, an ability unexistant in their time since the 'Great Tree', source of all magic, has withered and died. To save the Great Tree and to defeat Dhaos and his minions, Cress and his friends go on a journey through time.

[edit] Setting

  • 4202 in the Aserian Calendar (The past)

The second part of the story takes place here. More cities are introduced and you also get Arche and Claus added into your party. Cress and his gang changes the course of history through a series of actions.

  • 4304 in the Aserian Calendar (The present)

This is where the story first takes place. Here, Cress' village is destroyed, which sets the story in motion, and he learns more about his parent's mysterious past. He also meets Chester, Mint, Trinicus D. Morrison and for the first time, Dhaos being released from his seal.

  • 4352 in the Aserian Calendar (The future)

The final part of the game, where the whole party chases Dhaos into the future. Here, you can add Suzu to your party if you complete a side quest.

[edit] Game

[edit] Connection to Symphonia

It is believed that Tales of Phantasia is a sequel to Tales of Symphonia set thousands of years in the future. It is thought that the world Aselia featured in Phantasia is the two worlds Sylvarant and Tethe'alla united. In addition, there is the Giant Tree as well as the same summon spirits. Also, the ninja character Suzu Fujibayashi is believed to be a descendant of Sheena Fujibayashi of Tales of Symphonia. These connections are also strengthened by the fact that Tales of Symphonia has the Eternal Sword, Flamberge, and the Vorpal Sword. They both also include Origin who doesn't seem to appear in any other game. Also, the map in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of a New World is identical to the map in Tales of Phantasia.

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