Tales of Symphonia Chronicles

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles
Chronicles boxart.jpg
Japanese boxart
Release dates JP October 10th 2013
NA February 25, 2014
EU February 28, 2014
Platform Playstation 3
Rating CERO: All Ages
PEGI: 12+


[edit] Introduction

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles was announced on June 1st, 2013 at the Tales Festival in Japan. It will release in Japan on October 10th, 2013 and will be released in North America and Europe sometime in 2014. It is an HD remaster of the PS2 version of Tales of Symphonia and the European version of Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. New content for Symphonia has been confirmed with new Unison Attacks, Mystic Arte cut ins, and DLC costumes. Much more will likely follow. Nothing new has been announced for Dawn of the New World yet, but there will likely be changes.

[edit] Chronicles

Chronicles will take you through Tales of Symphonia in beautifully rendered HD graphics. New content including new artes, Unison Attacks, Mystic Arte cut ins, DLC costumes, and likely much more will all be included. This remaster will include all of the PS2 extras that most English speaking players have never experienced. These include new costumes, Mystic Artes, and bosses.

[edit] Symphonia

Tales of Symphonia follows young protagonist Lloyd Irving along with his friends Genis and Colette as they set out on a quest to regenerate the world. They meet up with the rest of their companions, and battle an evil organization called the Desians, and eventually Cruxis.

[edit] Dawn of the New World

Set two years after Tales of Symphonia. Dawn of the New World follows the story of young Emil Castagnier as he follows a path of revenge against Lloyd Irving, the hero of the previous game. Lloyd led an attack on the city of Palmacosta and butchered Emil's parents. Together with Marta Lualdi, Emil will become a Knight of Ratatosk and set out to fix the world's balance.

[edit] Main Protagonists

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