Tales of Symphonia Walkthrough/Iselia 1

Tales of Symphonia begins with a narrative that introduces the plot of the title. A character begins by telling of the Giant Kharlan Tree and the Goddess Martel. After the opening scenic zoom, players hear the voice of Raine, a teacher at a small school. When she's finished talking, the game truly begins.

[edit] Follow that light!

The player begins in control of Lloyd. Open the menu with the menu button if you'd like, then try to leave the building. Genis, your best friend, will stop you on the way out, attempting to halt your effort to leave. When you begin to protest, you'll be given two options that will effect affection (a separate guide for this will be published soon).

Either way, you'll be allowed to leave, and Colette and Genis will have joined your party! When you're in control of the player again, run back to the hole in the wall to witness a cutscene that provides the title Klutz to Colette. Now, leave the building, and walk into another cutscene in the scenic village of Iselia. Run towards the glowing Memory Circle on the ground and save your game. Try to exit to the north, and you'll be met with your first two battles.

[edit] Conflict in Iselia

Your first battle will be against a Zombie. It should be easy to defeat, so take it down using a combination of basic attacks and techs, like Demon Fang. After the undead creature is defeated, you'll learn about the Exsphere that Lloyd is using to obtain strength. This might explain why he's the strongest member in the party, sitting currently at Level 3.

Next comes another battle, this time with a Zombie and a Ghost. By default, Lloyd will be targeting the Ghost - change it to the Zombie using the method described by Colette in the previous scene. Take them both out, then, instead of exiting to the north, head south to the next screen. Enter the first building to the left, an item shop called Halo, and stock up on 20 Magic Lenses. These items allow you to see the enemy's HP and TP. Feel free to purchase any armor or ingredients as well.

You're done here for now, so head to the north screen and exit the rural village.

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