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This page is Part One of the Tales of Symphonia Walkthrough. It will be divided into towns and dungeons. These headings will have AREA NAME: (Battles: WHO IS USED TO FIGHT THE BATTLES)

NOTE: This is NOT a 100% coverage. It is a walkthrough that is updated slowly by multiple players.

Now, let's begin!

[edit] Iselia (Battles: Lloyd)

Tales of Symphonia starts out in Iselia, Village of the Oracle in a land known as Sylvarant. After the initial introduction to the game (remember this voice, for you might hear it later...!), you'll hear a woman yelling at Lloyd Irving, the main protagonist about falling asleep in class. This woman is Professor Sage, the teacher of Iselia's schoolhouse. She calls on her younger brother, Genis Sage to answer the question when she finds out that Lloyd has been falling asleep. During this scene, you find out who the Desians are, and what the Chosen's job is. You're also introduced to the Chosen of Mana, Colette Brunel.
Now, at the end of this scene, you'll see a bright flash of light, and the class figures out that it is the Oracle, which the Chosen of Mana must receive to start his or her journey. Raine quickly runs out of the schoolhouse, telling the students to study independently.

This is when you first gain control of your character. Lloyd is the current on-screen character, but this can be changed very soon. Try to leave the room as Lloyd, and Genis will come after you. He tries to get you stop leaving, but it doesn't work. A box will appear, telling you to pick one of two options. This doesn't change the storyline, but it does change the placement of certain events, so read ahead if you truly want to know what happens. It happens no matter which answer you choose, but the event will occur at different times. You can choose between It's Research and Okay, fine. The separate paths will be seen in the walkthrough under Path 1 and Path 2.

After choosing, Lloyd will ask Colette if she wants to come along. Colette acts a bit like an airhead, and Lloyd tells her she needs to come because she's directly involved. If you picked Path 1, read here. If not, skip to the next paragraph. A Pastor will come into the school and tell Colette to hurry along to the Martel Temple, but he will die before they can get any further into the conversation. The group of three mourn, but you regain control.

Now, go up towards the hole in the wall that's covered with pieces of wood. You'll learn that Colette was once sweeping, and she fell into the wall. Lloyd calls her a klutz, and Colette now has the title Klutz. To change her title, press "Y" and go to "Status". From here, press "R" until you get to Colette's name. Go down until you reach "Fledgling Chosen". Click on it with "A", and change it to "Klutz". This increases some stats.

I'll take this time to explain the menu. Press "B" from the Status menu, and you'll be taken back to the Main Menu. This is one of the necessary things in the game, so you're definitely going to want to experiment. You'll find that U. Attack and EX Skill are blacked out, but we don't really need those right now. Move over to "Tech", and click it. This is where you set your party's Tech's and shortcuts, which are special attacks used in battle for your assistance. Now, go down to "Items". Here, you'll find a list of all the items that you have obtained. You can navigate through the screens by pressing the "L" and "R" buttons. Move to the "Strat" section. This is where you set a strategy for CPUs, which allows battles to flow the way you want them to flow. If you go down from here, you'll be at "Equip". There's no need to click this, but this is the area where you can equip different equipment for your characters, enhancing some of their stats. The next area that needs detail is "Cooking", so look at that. This is where you set characters to cook after battle, and you're able to cook for healing here. Go to the top-left, and you'll be on "Synopsis". This is just a summary of what has happened so far in the story. Go down, and you'll be on "System". Here, you can change your settings, and you can Save & Load other game files in certain places. Now, go down. You're cursor should be over Lloyd's head. If you press "Y", you're able to switch Lloyd with another character, and that's who you'd play as in a battle. If you press "A" while over one of the other character's head, you'll see a red flag move over to that person, meaning they have become the overworld character.

Okay, Menu Explanation over. Leave the school, and Frank Brunel, Colette's father will be standing there, and he tells the group that Phaidra Brunel, Colette's grandmother went down to the Martel Temple already, and that the Desians invaded the temple. Everyone is worried, but Frank tells them to calm down, since the priests are there with Phaidra.

When this scene ends, you'll have control of yourself again. You've got a choice between going to buy items, or continuing with the story. Right now, it'd be best to continue with the story, as you don't need items. You can explore Iselia however. It's not all that interesting, so there's no point in doing it.

Go to the blue circle with the "ancient pattern" on it. This is called a Memory Circle. To save, you'll need to stand on one of these and press the A Button, which will bring up your files. Save over a file, and get started with the story by trying to leave Iselia through the northern path, through the gate.

As you go through the gate, you'll get attacked by a Zombie. These things honestly aren't that strong, and any attacks will take them down. It's only one, so that makes it a lot easier. Lloyd's swords can take it down, with or without Demon Fang. After the battle, there'll be some talking, and some more monsters will come attack you. This time, you're up against a Zombie and a Ghost. This is where it gets tricky (still not too bad however). Press "R" and make Lloyd's target the Zombie, while Colette and Genis target whichever one they want. Lloyd's attacks won't hurt the Ghost much, so it's better to have Lloyd go after the Zombie. This goes for every enemy LIKE the Ghost/Zombie pair, so keep that in mind for later.

[edit] Overworld (Battles: Lloyd)

After you leave the gate, you'll be on the Overworld. This is your first time here, but it's pretty self-explanatory, so no real tutorials. Just head the only way you can, which is to the left from Iselia if you're facing the sea. The little black creatures on the Overworld are monsters, and these guys are all pretty easy. No matter where you go, the main purpose of these things are to be annoying and to use for grinding. This time around, you've got Hawks, Rabbits and Wolfs. I can't remember the exact name, but they're honestly not important. Here's a minor tutorial for all of them though.

Hawk - If you're using Lloyd Irving, just run up to the Hawk and have him slash it. (Note: This only really works if you're on Semi-Auto. If you're playing on Manual, read ahead.) You do this by pressing A and putting the Control Stick Up. Otherwise, your sword will not touch the Hawk. Now, slam him with Demon Fang by pressing the B Button. Genis' Fire Ball and Colette's Ray Thrust allow this battle to go a lot faster. Well, no matter what they use allows it to go a lot faster.

Rabbits - See the Hawk strategy, but press "X" to guard when it jumps up and kicks you. Otherwise, you lose GRADE, and it just becomes a pain.

Wolf - See above strategies.

Now, continue left to the Martel Temple. This is when the real battles begin. Here we go!

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