Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike

First Strike
First Strike Cover.jpg
English cover
Based off of Tales of Vesperia
NA Release Date June 26th, 2012
Studio Production I.G.

[edit] Introduction

Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike was first released in Japan October 3, 2009 in theaters. Last year, Funimation announced that they would be releasing it in North America. Several weeks ago, they announced that the release date would be June 26th, 2012. They also released two english voice clips of the movie which can be found on Youtube. Yuri's voice actor and Flynn's voice actor have stayed the same while Rita's has been changed. Estelle's and Raven's are still undetermined.

First Strike follows the story of Yuri's and Flynn's time in the knights together under Captain Nylen. Returning characters from the game are Yuri, Flynn, Rita, Raven, Estelle, and Repede. Although many of them only play small parts, they're there.

[edit] New Characters

New characters to the Vesperian universe are

  • Nylen Fedrock- the Captain of the brigade Yuri and Flynn join up in.
  • Chastel
  • Hisca
  • Garista
  • Jurgis
  • Lambert-One of Repede's parents that is Nylen's war-dog

Chastel, Hisca, Garista, and Jurgis are still being waited on to find out official English names.

[edit] Story

The story opens with Yuri, Flynn, Hisca, Chastel, and several other knights running around a forest placing blastia on the ground. When Nyren pushes a button, all the blastia shoot aer into the sky which joins together making a barrier blastia. Yuri and Flynn both get congratulated for their first job well done. Later the four of them are relieved from guard duty and go to the pub for dinner. There Yuri starts up a bar fight by insulting some guild members who were stating how easy it is to fool people and steal their money. Eventually, Flynn gets dragged into it as well. The leader of the guild stops the fighting and apologizes to Yuri and Flynn saying that he will keep a more watchful eye over his men. Chastel and Hisca quickly pull Yuri and Flynn out of the bar and drag them back to headquarters. Raven sits in the back of the bar as all of this is going on.

Later, Commandant Alexei calls Nylen back to the capital to attend the ending of the Great War's celebration. Nylen refuses, and sends Flynn as his steed along with a request for reinforcements. Meanwhile, him and Chastel go trumping through the woods looking for Rita Mordio's hut. The aer in the area is getting out of control and is slowly destroying all forms of life. This is where Rita and her aer and blastia specialties come in. Nylen gets a spell from Rita to protect the knights' blastia from exploding and heads back to the town where the knights are stationed.

Meanwhile, Alexei and his aide scold Flynn about Nylen and tell him that a knight who doesn't obey orders is nothing but trash. It is revealed that Flynn's father defied his orders and saved a bunch of people. Unfortunately, he died in the process. Alexei states that he will send reinforcements after the celebration is done. Flynn, who is feeling down, is then consoled by Lady Estellise before returning to the town the knights are stationed at.

While everyone is away, Yuri is left guarding the town with Lambert, Repede, and the other knights. Suddenly, the town falls under attack by monsters made of aer. Lambert ends up being taken by the creature who ends up controlling him. Yuri has no choice but to end Lambert's life and kill the monster. When he returns to the town and Repede comes running out to greet his father, Yuri gets very chocked up and apologizes to Repede. He also promises to make it up to him.

When everyone returns to town, Nylen leads the entire group to a castle in the middle of the lake a few miles away. The guild that Yuri got in a fight with meets them there. The leader of the guild and Nylen appear to be old friends. Many more monsters made of aer start attacking the farther the group progress down the castle halls. Eventually they run into an old blastia that appears to be the cause of it all. The blastia is destroyed but at the cost of Nylen's life. While the group is leaving, Yuri and Flynn recognize a piece of Garista's clothing near the destroyed blastia. They confront him and end up killing him after Nylen's funeral.

This is only a quick summary. Many details were left out as to not spoil the story to much for anyone who's yet to see it.

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