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Tales of Xillia
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The Tales of Xillia Japanese boxart
Developer Namco Tales Studio
Publisher Namco Bandai
Platform Playstation 3
Release Dates JPN: September 8, 2011
NA:August 6th, 2013
EU August 9th, 2013
Ratings ESRB: T
Players 1-4


[edit] Announcement

Tales of Xillia was announced for localization for both North America and Europe on July 6th, 2012 at the Japan Expo in Paris, France. It will be released August 6th and August 9th in North America and Europe respectively in 2013. It's sequel was announced at Japan Expo the year after. Tales of Xillia 2 will be released in North America and Europe sometime in 2014.

[edit] Storyline

Tales of Xillia takes place in a world known as Rieze Maxia. It has spirits, but they cannot be seen by humans unless they take a "solid" form. This world uses Spirit Artes, which is their electricity of sorts. The entire world is powered by these Spirit Artes, from windmills to farming, and everything in between.

The two countries in Rieze Maxia are Rashugal and Auj Oule. Tensions are high between the two and the territory is nearly split. Auj Oule has a relatively new king named Gaius who has positively been changing Auj Oule. Rashugal's King, Nachtigal, was crushed by his sister's death twenty years ago and has since been doing as he pleases with his advisor Gilland.

The two main characters are Jude Mathis and Milla Maxwell. Jude meets Milla in the middle of some "incident", and quickly looks up to her. Milla is able to summon the four spirits. She claims that she herself is a spirit (The lord of spirits, Maxwell), so she doesn't have the need to eat, she possesses great knowledge of the world, yet is unfamiliar with human customs. The two stumble upon a weapon called the Lance of Kresnik, and Milla steals the Key for it, making the two wanted criminals. With the help of a mercenary named Alvin, the pair escape Fennmont, the Capital of Rashugal and head towards Auj Oule. There, they meet a young girl named Elize Lutas who is a very skilled Spirit Arte user because of her friend and stuffed animal Teepo. After traveling to the town of Sharilton and meeting Rowen J. Ilbert, Milla suffers a terrible accident which renders her legs useless. Jude decides that the best chance she has is to take her to his father in Leronde. The party splits. Upon arrival they meet [[Leia|Leia Rolando who helps Jude restore Milla's legs.

The party shortly reunnites after Milla's legs are restored, and head to Xian Du together to seek the use of wyverns. While they are there, a terrorist organization known as Exodus makes several attempts on Milla's life, including pushing rocks over cliffs and poisioning her food. When Alvin reveals that he is part of Exodus, the group uses Milla as bait to lure them into the open. Instead, the group captures Teepo and takes his memory chip from him destroying his personality for a short time. The group travels to Kanbalar to warn Gaius about the Lance of Kresnik. He demands they hand over the key. When she refuses, he asks Alvin instead who tells him where it is immediately, revealing that he has been playing the group for awhile. The group quickly flees back to Xian Du to take their wyverns and meet up with Alvin yet again who apologizes and says he's going with them. The party says it's better to keep an eye on him and take him with them. They arrive in Rashugal and confront Nachtigal about the Lance. In a pivotal battle, Nachtigal falls as Gaius declares war on Rashugal.

The party quickly rushes to Fezebel Marsh to try to stop the Lance from being used on the fighting armies. When they arrive they must fight Gaius' personal guard the Chimeriad, which consists of Wingul, Jiao, Presa, and Agria. Upon defeating them to race to Gaius. However, their battle is interrupted when the Lance of Kresnik fires a blast of mana into the sky destroying part of the Schism. A hole appears in the sky, and dozens of Elympion airships come through and begin firing on the armies. Gilland reveals himself to be from Elympios and also the leader of Exodus as he quickly conquers Rieze Maxia. Jude falls in the marsh and gets washed away to the Tulea Tundra where he then finds Alvin, Elize, and a spirit named Muzet, who claims she was sent by Maxwell, while Rowen and Leia carry Milla to safety to the Silliea Tundra. The group meets up at the Xailen Woods Temple and also meets whats left of the Chimeriad with Gaius there. Gaius and the Chimeriad launch a full assault on Kanbalar marching up it's streets, while Jude and company creep along the rooftops to where the wyverns are kept. The group takes the wyverns and flies them to an Elympion airship and proceed to commandeer it back to Kanbalar. Gaius declares himself King of Rieze Maxia and boards the airship with remnants of the two armies and Jude's group and heads of to Exodus' base, the E.S.S. Zenethra. Gilland had taken the Lance of Kresnik there. He confronts the party with his spyrite Celsius and looses. But not before starting the Lance up. Milla uses all of her power and sacrifices herself to destroy the Lance and save her friends.

From here the paths differ a bit. Milla wakes up in the Spirit Realm with the Four with no memory about who she is. Her memories are all subsided as you explore the Spirit Realm. At least until she sees Maxwell about to kill her friends. She then breaks through the barrier and reenters the realm of the living. On Jude's side, his spirit has been crushed since the woman he loved sacrificed herself for him and everyone else. Muzet also betrayed the group and started killing anyone who knew about the schism. The only one successful in fending her off was Gaius. After an emotional scene where Alvin shoots Leia in front of him, Jude snaps back to his senses and beats Alvin. He then heals Leia and meets back up with Elize and Rowen who had been on the run from Muzet. Together they decide that there must be another Maxwell, the real one out there somewhere, and decide to try to find him. They bring their idea to Gaius since he had been the only one to fend off Muzet with any kind of success. They discover that he is currently salvaging the remains of the Lance of Kresnik from the ocean. He intends to rebuild it and use it against Elympios. Muzet conveniently attacks everyone during the salvage op and loses terribly. She screams about how Maxwell has stopped giving her orders and how she doesn't know what to do anymore before fleeing. Gaius hopes aboard a wyvern and follows her as she flees to the Nia Khera Hallowmont. Jude's group follows shortly behind. When they reach the top, they find a whole in space time with Presa, Agria, and Alvin guarding it. When Agria starts threatening Jude's group, Alvin stands up for them and rejoins. After an intense battle, Presa congratulates Alvin on finally finding a place where he belongs before the cliff beneath her and Agria begins to give way. Alvin rushes foward to catch her but doesn't make it in time. Leia makes it to Agria but Agria throws herself away and falls to her death. The group enters the dimensional breach. Muzet is shown in tears as Gaius stands above her. Muzet decides to follow Gaius now instead of Maxwell. Jude's group make it to Maxwell but do not receive the answers they wanted. As Maxwell is about to eliminate Jude, Milla bursts out of nowhere and saves him. Maxwell is defeated. Gaius and Muzet then show up and reveal that they are now working together. Gaius claims that he will become the new Maxwell as he rips a sword that controls space time from Muzet's body. Through a massive chain of events, Jude's group ends up on Elympios. There, they discover what spyrix has done to the world, and the new promising technology of spyrites. Jude decides to place his bets on Elympios and heads back to the Temporal Crossroads to confront Gaius. A fated showdown occurs with Jude managing on top. The schism is dispelled allowing the two worlds access to each other. Gaius vows that he will rise again if the need arises. Milla becomes the new Maxwell, Jude starts spyrite research, Alvin starts a business with Yurgen, Elize starts school, Leia starts working at her parent's inn, and Rowen become's Gaius' advisor. The credits roll as the characters start trying to adjust to their new lives.

[edit] Battle System

A Picture Example of the DR-LMBS

This battle system is titled the Double Raid - Linear Motion Battle.

A new feature (titled Link Mode) has been added in Tales of Xillia. Here, you use partner abilities with a member of your party. This allows you to share skills, perform powerful Link Artes together, defend one another, and grant certain abilites (ie: Alvin's Charge ability, Milla's Bind ability.) Yo

Tales of Xillia also introduces the Assault Counter (AC), which works like the CC in Tales of Graces. It allows you to link together your artes until you run out of AC. Along with depleting AC, artes will also deplete your TP.

[edit] Protagonists

-Jude Mathis
-Milla Maxwell
-Elize Lutas
-Rowen J. Ilbert
-Leia Rolando

A unique feature to Xillia is having two different character designers. Kosuke Fujishima (character designer to Symphonia, Vesperia, Abyss, and others) and Mutsumi Inomata (designer of Destiny, Innocence, Eternia, and others). Each artist designed three of the main protagonists.

[edit] Sequel

On June 2nd, 2012, Namco Bandai confirmed the existence of Tales of Xillia 2. It launched in Japan fall of 2012 and was released in North America and Europe August 19th and 22nd 2014 respectively.

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