Tales of the Abyss

Tales of The Abyss
Tales of the abyss 3ds.jpg
Tales of the Abyss 3DS Boxart
Release Date: PS2
JPDecember 15, 2005
NAOctober 10, 2006
JPJune 30th, 2011
EUNovember 25th 2011
NA February 14th 2012
Platform: Playstation 2
Nintendo 3DS
Rating: CERO: All Ages
Number of Players Four players

Tales of the Abyss is an Action Role-Playing Game originally released for the PlayStation 2, with a remake on the Nintendo 3DS. It is the first Tales Of game to feature only six characters, instead of the normal 5 - 9, as the playable characters. It does not have a prequel or sequel, so it is a standalone title in the series.


[edit] Battle System

The games uses the Flex Range Linear Motion Battle System. The battle system is similar to most Tales games and has the same appearance of Tales of Symphonia where the characters can move around in three dimensions instead of two dimensions like most Tales games. The game also includes the new Free Run feature which allows the characters move in any direction despite the enemy they are targeting. This makes dodging the attacks of most enemies a lot easier. Since the battle system is in real time, you can control just one character in your party of your choice. Each character is unique and controls differently due to speed, artes, and skills.

In addition to the new strike artes, fonic artes, skills, and items included in the game there is also the Field of Fonons feature. If an ally or enemy were to use an arte, many of them would create a circle with the color of a certain element. (For example red for fire) While in the circle an ally would then use one of their artes and they would get an FOF change which is a similar yet stronger elemental attack.

Sometimes, the colored circle of the FOF Field, or Field of Fonons, will not be colored at all. You cannot use the FOF Changes in these fields unless a certain skill is equipped.

[edit] Plot

Tales Of The Abyss tells the story of Luke Fon Fabre, a rich, aristocratic young man who is forced to live inside his manor until he becomes 'of age' which is at the age of 20. The reason they keep him a prisoner in his own home is because Luke was kidnapped seven years prior by the Malkuth Empire. As a result the King of Kimlasca-Lanveldear, his uncle, forces him to stay in the manor at all times for his own safety. Luke is fascinated with sword training, as it's one of the only things that have kept him occupied during his long confinement. He practices his skills under the tutelage of an Oracle Knight by name of Vandelsca Grants, also known as Van. Van is the Dorian General Commandant of the Oracle Knights of the Order of Lorelei, as well as Luke's master in swordsmanship. One day, Van and Luke were training normally, and all of a sudden a mysterious woman attacks Van. During the attack Luke manages a quick parry against her which results in both creating a hyperresonance, which results in both the mysterious woman and Luke being transported away from the manor.. This person we come to find out is named Tear Grants, a Seventh Fonist, who has her reasons for going against Van and attacking him. They were transported to Tataroo Valley in the Malkuth Empire in direct result of the hyperresonance reaction, and find themselves as unwilling travel partners. As the story progresses they're only hope is to return to Batical, Kimlasca-Lanveldear but they will soon learn that is a task that will take a long time to accomplish. Along the way they meet up with others and will set out on a journey to save the world of Auldrant. Many trials and tribulations await them and no one is certain what tomorrow holds only that they must keep fighting.

[edit] Characters

[edit] Protagonists

[edit] Main Protagonists

Luke Fon Fabre
Tear Grants
Jade Curtiss
Guy Cecil
Anise Tatlin
Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear

[edit] Other Protagonists

Fon Master Ion

[edit] Oracle Knights And The Six God Generals

Van Grants

[edit] The Six-God Generals

Asch the Bloody
Legretta the Quick
Arietta the Wild
Dist the Reaper
Sync the Tempest
Largo the Black Lion

[edit] Music And Audio

[edit] Music

The music of Tales Of The Abyss is composed by one of the most known and biggest composers of videogame music, Motoi Sakuraba, who is known for making the music of many other RPGs like Golden Sun, other Tales games, and many other games that are claimed to be the best when it comes to Soundtrack. The other composer is Shinji Tamura, who while he is not known is Sakuraba, he did an awesome Job on Tales of Symphonia and Tales Of Phantasia.

The main opening theme was made by one of the most known music groups in Japan, Bump Of Chicken. They used their song called Karma from their single Supernova for the opening. The Japanese version of the game has the original song, although it was cut to fit the opening video, and American version of the game has a version of Karma in which there is no voice because it is replaced by a second guitar.

Many tracks of the game are based on the Karma song, like In Between 1 and 0 and Meaning of Birth. These versions are instrumental.

[edit] Anime Adaptation

The Anime adaption of the games was planned early 2008 and the fist episode was aired on October 04, 08. The series will have 26 episodes (with an approximate time of 20 minutes each) and the voice actors that acted on the game will recover their roles in the series. The anime adaptation has also been announced to be released in North America. It didn't come out the scheduled date, so fans are still waiting for it to be released.

[edit] Manga

There is also several manga adaptations of Tales of the Abyss. The 1st was the one that followed the main story line through the eyes of Luke Fon Fabre. This was only released in France however. Two more Abyss manga are Asch the Bloody volumes 1 and 2 and Jade's Memories. Asch the Bloody currently has 1 volume out in North America with another one scheduled for November. Jade's Memories is also coming out in November.

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[edit] References to other Tales Games

Tales of Symphonia

  • In Nam Cobanda Isle, a suit of Lloyd's costume is on a clothes hanger. On it it says For the play "The Hero of the Two Words.

Tales of Phantasia

  • The Vorpal Sword and Flamberge both make appearences. Again.
  • Mint Adenade appears in the Baticul Coliseum in a cameo battle.

Tales of Eternia

  • In the Baticul Coliseum, Reid makes an a cameo battle

Tales of Destiny

  • Philia Felice makes a cameo appearance in the Baticul Coliseum.

Tales of Destiny 2

  • Nanaly Fletch makes a cameo appearance in the Baticul Coliseum.

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