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This is the Tales of the Abyss Walkthrough. This is to help you while you are playing the game, for any trouble that you're having. It will be divided into a few parts. (not by Acts, since that is very confusing in this game. Maybe by bosses.) Alright, let's get started! (Controls can be found on this page.)

[edit] Part 1: This is boring...

Alright, after the scene ends, then you need to leave the room. Take the right path, and it should lead you to a door. Taking the left path leads you to a guard, who moves later. Go down and go through the door, then talk to Ramdas, the man who looks like a butler. He'll basically tell you that Master Van is coming. When he's done talking, take the path you just took back, and enter your room. A scene will occur with Guy talking to you. Leave the room, and this time, go to the left. The guard will be gone, so it's possible to get through. Then follow the hall down once again, and enter through the door. A scene will occur with Luke's family and Van talking. You then find out Van has important matters he needs to go to, and will soon be leaving. He then tells you that he wants to have one last training session with Luke before he leaves. Once the scene is over, go back the way you came, and yet another scene will occur. This time, Guy and Van are talking to each other. Afterwards, you find a lady singing a song that knocks out all of the guards around here. Training then begins. Here, all you need to do is follow Van's instructions. That pretty much ends training. Another scene will once again occur, but this time, with an assasination attempt from the same lady, who we find is named Tear. She's trying to kill Van. After Van dodges, Luke gets up to try and save Van, and they then teleport away due to some, unknown substance.

[edit] Part 2: Tataroo Valley

Once again, another scene. When it's over, follow the path down, and the first real battle of the game will occur. You fight a Rhinossus. When you are done, you can save or just keep going. Follow the path until you can leave the area, and when you get there, do so. When you get there, Tear will teach you how to fight when there are two monsters, by doing things like telling you how to change your target. Take the left path, and just keep going around until you get to an area where you just keep going straight. It will lead to a scene. Go save if you want, then go talk to the man, and he'll get you out of Tataroo Valley. It's a very simple scene.

[edit] Part 3: The Food Thief

So, here comes another scene. When you're done watching it, the driver will give you the choice to walk to Engeve, or he will drop you off. I personally chose to walk, so if you do, you just need to follow the road. When you get to a bridge, you'll stop for a break. Tear will teach you how to make Rice Balls. Keep following the road, and you'll find a road sign up ahead. It will tell you which way to go. After following the road on the left, you'll see Engeve. Enter it while still being on the road. Follow the road to the northwest, and a scene will occur. Here, Luke steals an apple. This basically starts the next few missions. Afterwards, go back to the entrance of town, and you'll find ruckus occuring in front of the hotel. It's just another scene that you must do. They then take Luke and Tear to Rose's house for yet another scene. You are introduced to a man named Jade Curtiss here. You also meet Fon Master Ion. He has the fur of a Cheagle in his hands that he found in the stockhouse of the inn. After that, you leave, and Luke starts thinking about what Van said at the beginning of the game. He wants to ask Ion something, but Tear stops him.

[edit] Part 4: Leading up to Cheagle Woods

Ok, do you remember where the argument about the storehouse was a little bit earlier? Well, go back there. If you don't, you just need to go to the entrance, then to the left, and go in the first building you see. A scene will occur, and you'll meet a little girl, who is obviously very worried about Fon Master Ion. Tear figures that she is a Fon Master Guardian, a special force within the Oracle Knights. You can talk to the man holding a spear in order to get access to a weapon shop. Use this if you really want some new weapons, though, if you're playing on Normal, it isn't necessary. Afterwards, talk to the innkeeper. He will tell you that you can stay here for free tonight, due to the argument at Rose's house. A scene will then occur with Luke deciding to go to Cheagle Woods, the Forest of Cheagles. The scene will end, and a skit will start. Afterwards, you can leave the inn. Alright, leave Engeve. Go near the plants you see by rotating the map, then go up the hill a little closer. There should be a large tree in the area. That is where you need to be. Press X, and you will enter Cheagle Woods.

[edit] Part 5: The Cheagle Woods

Well, as soon as you enter, you're going to meet Fon Master Ion, the boy that Anise was worried about earlier. Anyways, after a scene that really isn't important (but does introduce Daathic Fonic Artes, which are basically a special type of arte that only Fon Masters can use), you can proceed through Cheagle Woods. This is a relatively simple maze that isn't actually a maze at all. Basically, you walk through some paths, and you're able to get some items on the way. The enemies here aren't really tough if you know how to Backstep and guard. It makes it a lot easier. Oh yeah, you're going to want to train to Level 5 by the time you get to the little cave at the end, as there's a tough boss here that you aren't going to want to take on without Free Run.

Okay, when you get to the screen, there's a little conversation. Carry on through the Woods (somewhere in here, you get Capacity Cores, which I'll explain in the next paragraph), and you end up at a big tree. If you've played Tales of Symphonia, what does this thing remind you of? Yeah.

Well, on to Capacity Cores. These are basically ways that people amplify their powers. However, some use them as fashion pieces, which basically renders them useless. Give Luke his Capacity Core right now, unless you are playing as Tear. If you are playing as Tear, you have to give HER the Capacity Core. Simple. In depth description: Whenever you level up, whatever stats the Capacity Core raises goes up by however many points it gives. You really don't need to know this, unless you are trying to get certain AD Skills.

Back to our walkthrough, now, shall we? Go in front of the big tree, and press "X". You'll find apples from Engeve! It's time to investigate this tree and find out just what's going on. Go inside, and you find a lot of little cute furry creatures known as Cheagles, which explains the name for these Woods. These are sacred beasts of the Order of Lorelei, so Ion wants to know why they were stealing the food. After some explanation, you find out that monsters have been eating their food. Guess who brought the monsters to the Woods? Well, it was Mieu, a little cute furry creature with a squeaky voice that they throw at you as punishment to him. Kind of unfair, right? Oh well, Luke treats him horribly, and it's kind of funny. But, he is pretty useful. The Cheagle Elder gives Mieu the Sorceror's Ring, which allows him to talk to you, and it amplifies his fonic powers. He is now able to use fire, despite the fact that he is a baby Cheagle. It's really helpful, so...yeah. Leave the tree (after saving), and take the path around the tree. I think there's an item over there, and it's pretty important. So...get it. Anyways, go back, take the alternate path. I don't really have a good memory of this place, but there's another path that you need to take on either the tree section or the one right before that. When you find this path that I cannot remember, use Mieu Fire to burn down the log. Of course, everyone makes fun of Luke, and he gets angry. Go figure. Cross it. You'll find a big tree Golem, which you can fight if you want (if you are playing on Normal, he has 1,000 health. Hard...1500?). Now, burn the log to your north. Again, cross. You'll run into a Liger...really, a Liger. Wow. Now, go into that little cave to your north.

Follow the cave's path, and get ready for a minor then major cutscene. When you get down to the bottom of the cave, Tear talks to you about Memory Cirles with Healing Properties (aka Green Memory Circles) which you can use for healing everything. So...go do that before you fight this boss, for this is not an easy battle. Enter the little gap in the cave wall, and you'll see a big beast sleeping. This is the Liger Queen, and it's going to roar. When it roars, big rocks fall on Mieu. However, Luke protects him...which is strange. Luke doesn't like Mieu...does he? Anyways, boss battle time.

[edit] Boss: Liger Queen

HP: 10,700 (estimated Normal), 37,500 (Unknown)

[edit] Normal Strategy

If you're playing on Normal, this battle's really simple. Beat the Liger Queen up for a bit, and dodge all of her attacks. Luke should have Fang Blade and Havoc Strike by now, so use those to wither health away quickly. However, this battle WILL take a long time, as this boss has a lot of health.

About halfway through the battle, a man comes in to help. It is Jade Curtiss, from Rose's house in Engeve. He makes the battle much easier, and he'll kill the Liger Queen with one Fonic Arte. Honestly, the Liger Queen is more of a nuisance than a boss. Just...you get quite a bit of GRADE from her, so she is considered a boss.

[edit] Unknown Strategy

It's the same battle as on Normal, but her stats have been multiplied by 3.5. A.k.a., dodge every single one of her attacks (as they could very possibly be OHKOs), and hit her over and over again. Your attacks will not do much damage at all (around 1 dmg per hit). Now, if this is your second-third runthrough, and you have the Tutti and Grandioz Capacity Cores, you're in luck. You're able to deal about 15 per hit with Luke, and Tear's Eclair De Larmes and Holy Lance will destroy it...slowly but surely. Using a Mystic Arte helps as well.

Again, Jade will come in when she reaches 10,000-13,000 HP. Jade takes her out relatively easy, and you get a ton of GRADE. 20 for beating it, +0.50 for each Mystic Arte (and you usually use like...20 of those). In the end, I got about 180 GRADE for that one battle.

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