I'm new to editing/making pages for a wiki and I was told that you can talk about stuff on talk pages for articles, so I'm making this to ask a question....

I couldn't write nearly as much as I wanted to for this page because most of what I have on Fodra are my own theories that I made by linking together canon events. For example....I left out Fodra's path to destruction because canonly it's not really said in a way that I can simply write (Emeraude was lying about Lambda, though, so don't be like "Well obviously Lambda caused the planet to die!" because no he didn't). I do, however, have a long theory that relates to Fodra's destruction that covers most of where it begins and where it ended, however like I said it's a theory that links together canon events that were barely touched on or hinted at in the game.

What I want to know is, would I be allowed to talk about and present it on Fodra's page even though it's mostly theory (but theory that uses canon events, just linked together in a way that is understandable)? I tried to keep this and Ephinea's pages free of my own theories, but I feel like Fodra's page is missing a vital part without really going into its true path of destruction, but...yeah...Would that be allowed? -- Kirvee

I'd say no theories. You can state facts from the game, but beyond that, we want to stay as factual as we can. If you're able to read Japanese, and own the Tales of Graces f World Guide (or something like that) then feel free to use info from that. --Fauve