The Lady at the Bridge

Lady at the Bridge
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The cougar circles her prey...
Age really old

The Lady at the Bridge is a name used to refer to one of the Middle-Aged Women NPCs that can be found in Lhant in Tales of Graces and Tales of Graces f. She's called as such mainly because where she is in the town is physically close to the bridge.

Her most well known trait is the fact that every time you talk to her throughout the game, she becomes more and more progressively like a stalker with a crush towards Asbel. Eventually she'll get to a point where she even refers to Cheria as a Harpy and insists that she and Asbel should get married because she would be a much better mother for Sophie.

In canon, the party never comments on her advances, but never-the-less she is a very strange and....slightly disturbed NPC.

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