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Yeah, I've been working on this wiki... for ages now. I think I'm the only one that actually works on it at least every month. I like to change the highlighted page every 15 days or so to make it look like the wiki is constantly updated, even if it isn't at times. Although since Abyss 3DS and Graces f have both come out recently, I've left it at that for now. My gamertag and PSN username is Munerpile. Add me if you wanna talk Tales.


I started off with the Tales series in 2003 with Tales of Symphonia. I hated it at first. I couldn't figure out how to save, I'd get lost in Iselia, then I couldn't even beat Exbelua. As I progressed farther and farther into the story (and picked up a gameguide) I loved it. I've played through it quite a bit (17 times I think) and am still learning new things and finding new sidequests. (Like Mithos uses Indignation Judgement when you fight him on Hard or Unknown difficulty!)


After I played through Symphonia a few times after that, I was happy as hell to find out that another Tales game had come out called Tales of Phantasia! I thought it was a direct sequel to Symphonia (a few thousand years off I guess) I bought it, played it, enjoyed it, till I got stuck. I tossed it into my room and just found it a few years ago and tried again. I still don't like it.

Dawn of the New World

I was in my local grochery store and saw it. A Nintendo Power that had Symphonia on the front. It wasn't a character I knew off though. I opened it up and almost shit my pants. A sequel to Symphonia was coming! A real sequel too! I bought it awhile later and still enjoyed it, just not as much as the 1st one.


When searching for Symphonia stuff on Youtube, I'd continuously see Abyss stuff, which just didn't seem as cool as Symphonia did. I didn't particularly want it but I figured that if it was in the same series as Symphonia that I might as well have it. I asked for it for Christmas and got that and Vesperia. I played it for ten, fifteen hours or so but Vesperia shadowed it out greatly. Abyss was lost from my mind until a year later when I remembered about it. I started playing it again. It had awesome characters but the story was dreadful. I made myself finish it and it wasn't half bad. As good as Dawn of the New World I guess.


I got Vesperia the same time as Abyss and holy shit, I've played the crap out of it. Vesperia just has incredible characters and a driving story. The villains were also way over the top. I'm still debating in my mind whether I like Symphonia or Vesperia better. It just depends on which one I'm playing at the time.


I bought Legendia with my Christmas money at my local Gamestop. It sucks. I just can't get over how bad the animation is. The characters aren't very likeable either.

World: Radiant Mythology

I ordered this when I bought Legendia and it came a week later. I have had a lot of fun with this one. I like the ability to take your favorite characters and lead them into battle with a character you designed yourself. My party Zubel (me of course. Swordsman), Lloyd, Tear, and Leon. Kickass.


I finally got high speed internet! Then I learned about an English patch for this game. I immediatly bought it off of eBay along with an Acekard and everything else. I tried patching it. And failed. After the patch finally did go through, my DS wouldn't read the Acekard. I finally gave up for awhile. Until I started talking with Kratos about how to patch it. We talked for a while and then he asked about the Acekard software. Whoops. So I downloaded everything and it finally worked! Innocence is amazing so far. When I get more time I plan on playing it some more.


With my Christmas money last year, I imported the PSP version of Eternia from the UK. This was a lot of fun too until I was to underleveled to defeat Sylph. I gave up on it for the time being to replay through Vesperia and get all my achievements. (I'm kinda an achievement whore :P)


I also bought Destiny off of eBay about a week after Eternia. I played this for an hour and a half and took a break. I picked it up again a few weeks ago during the heat wave and I'm loving it. What could be better than sitting in your basement sipping root beer and playing Tales of Destiny? Nothing much for sure. I've read the entire manga adaptation of it through a translated version online. I freakin loved it! I can't wait to finish the game.


Vs was next for the PSP. I thought I'd be able to understand it since it looked basically like a fighting game. I was wrong. Still working on it... I can't progress farther than half an hour into the campaign.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 I haven't even touched. Popped it into my PS2 and then I started looking into region lock. I've firmly made up my mind that region lock is evil and should not exist. Looking into Swap Magic now.


I found a Rebirth ISO online and downloaded it for my PSP. I've also been following a very good translation guide from gamefaqs so that I know what everybody is saying and what is happening. And so far, I'M FREAKIN' LOVIN IT! Rebirth is truly a great game. I hope that they'll be an HD version coming out in the near future and I hope that it comes over seas for everyone to enjoy! But until then, there's been an announcement for a full fan translation for the game! Woohoo! I'm so excited!

Radiant Mythology 3

Another ISO I'm afraid but that's okay. One of my friends got it for me and thought he patched it. He didn't. So I can't understand a thing. That's okay though. Made my character, and made it to the base thingy and met up with Kannonno, Claire, Cress, Mint, Ange, and I think there was someone else but I can't remember... Oh yeah, Will from Legendia!


<3 <3 <3 get it? Hearts? ahh, I amuse myself. Anyway, played through the demo patch of Hearts just a few hours ago and I rather liked it. The characters were funny, storyline sounds so so but I'm sure they made it more interesting than it seems.

Abyss 3DS

Tales of the Abyss for the Nintendo 3DS has finally been released! And with it, comes me completely no lifing it for the time being. I've also got my hands on a Symphonia PS2 to play after I'm done with this and before Graces f comes out.

Symphonia PS2

So I may or may not have just invested in something called Swap magic that lets me play Japanese games on my PS2. I love Symphonia PS2. Even though it's nearly the same as the first game, it's still fun to go through it on the PS2 XD. And at the end there's more Mystic Artes and some extra titles and stuff so yeah. Graces next week!

Graces f

So yeah, Graces f is a fantastic game. For those stubborn jerks that are saying "I'm not buying that, it looks dumb. I'm waiting for Xillia" that call themselves Tales fans, please leave this planet. Don't hate on a game you've yet to play. Especially since Graces is actually a lot better then I thought it would be. I don't regret buying a PS3 to play this game. The character development is lacking in sorts but you don't really need it for the theme of the game. It just fits really well together. New 3rd favorite Tales game. Vesperia and Symphonia are still above it.

Twin Brave

So I've recently gotten my greedy little hands on a copy of Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave. Although I understand very little Japanese, this has actually become one of my favorite Tales games. Top 7 anyway. Considering how many Tales games there are, that's not actually that bad. It's fun to play through for it's very simple. Sure not everyone is able to understand what ANYONE is saying, but that's okay. Because you still get to beat the crap out of them. My best combo so far, 1192 with Spada Belforma and Luca Milda. BEAT THAT!

So yeah, that's all for now. And in case anyone reading this hadn't figured it out, I pretty much work on this wiki for my own amusement. So yeah, it amuses me. I'd also like to try to fill up every page that's yet to exist. Even if we don't have a heck of a lot of info like the main wikipedia, I'd like every page to be around and whatever I or anyone else knows about it. Hope to see you around editing stuff and adding your own knowledge into the never ending pool.