Valkines Cryas

Valkines Cryas are massive pieces of cryas located on Ephinea in Tales of Graces and Tales of Graces f.

[edit] Primary Function

Valkines have the primary function of storing, maintaining and distributing the three types of eleth throughout Ephinea. They each draw in a particular type of eleth from the Lastalia and allow it to move around on Ephinea as it needs to.

[edit] Known Valkines

There are only three Valkines on Ephinea: Gloandi, Duplemar and Forbrannir. Each one is situated in a different country on Ephinea and provides that country (as well as the rest of Ephinea) with bountiful amounts of that type of eleth.

[edit] Guardians

Because they're both powerful and important, the Valkines are guarded by three different dragons known as the Chroma Dragons.

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