Velvet Crowe

Velvet Crowe

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Velvet Crowe
Japanese ベルベット・クラウ
Age 19
Gender Female
Height 170cm
Weapon Armblade
Species Therion
JP Voice Rina Sato
Game Appearances Tales of Berseria
"In my heart is a flame I couldn't extinguish, even if I wanted to."
—Velvet Crowe

Velvet is the protagonist of Tales of Berseria. She is the first solo female lead in a Tales game. Velvet also makes an appearance in Tales of Zestiria the X, an animation adaptation of the Tales of franchise. At the beginning of the game she was locked up in a prison island after being imbued with the powers of a Therion, and becomes considered a threat to the world.


[edit] Profile

[edit] Appearance

Velvet as she appears in the past.

Velvet is a fairly tall, slim young woman with jet black hair that reaches past her waist. She seems to normally wear it in a loose braid. Her left hand, which became infected with daemonblight during the incident, is wrapped in bandages. Clothing-wise she doesn't wear much since most of her clothing appears tattered and torn. The main pieces seem to be a pair of short black shorts, an open-front red shirt and a large black and red cloak. Her eyes are a piercing yellow.

In the past, she would wear tighter clothing and reveal less of her body. Her hair was also shorted but tied in braids. She wore red clothing, specifically a top, short, black leggings and brown boots. She also used to wear one armour on her hand. Living in the prison island had caused it to tear consistently until it was tattered. She changes her outfit by finding one of the clocks and pirate attires in the basements of Titania.

[edit] Personality

Before the incident, Velvet was described as unpretentious and companionable, holding a deep love for her family and having a sensible head. After the incident, however, she completely changed. She suppresses her kindness and feeds only her rage and hatred in her heart. As a result, she almost never smiles. After meeting Laphicet, she begins to change without even knowing it, becoming a better person overall and also returning to a similar state of how she was a few years prior.

[edit] Alternate Costumes

Velvet can wear alternate costumes that are released as downloadable content.

[edit] Story

Prior to the game's story, she lived a quiet life in a small village with her family. However, three years ago on the night of the Scarlet Night, her life forever changed and her family was killed. Because of that incident she harbors a deep hatred for the savior of her world. As a result, she became a Therion and was captured by her elder sister's lover, Artorius Collbrande. He then locked her up in the prison island of Titania where she constantly devoured daemons as she was a high-ranking daemon herself. This caused her to become negative, finding solutions which only benefit her.

Towards the end of the game, she gives up her whole life as a source of constantly feeding Innominat while the world is being purified. This continues on into the future, during the times of Tales of Zestiria.

[edit] Fighting Style

She's primarily a vanguard-type fighter, able to use a flurry of melee-based attacks that utilize her blade, her legs, and her daemon arm. Velvet can fight with beastly techniques, resembling a lengthy wolf arm, used to devour her enemies as a source of her food. The more enemies she devours, the more strength she gains at a cost of being corrupted by the negative energies.

[edit] Other Appearances

[edit] Tales of Zestiria the X

Velvet appears in the anime opening, seemingly battling Sorey, the protagonist of Tales of Zestiria.

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