Windor is a country in Tales of Graces and Tales of Graces f.

The Windorian Crest as it appears on a banner in Lhant


[edit] Government

Windor is led by a monarchy--the only monarchy on Ephinea. However, Windor is unique in that while the country as a whole is a monarchy, there are smaller regions within Windor that are led by nobles that swore allegiance to the Windorian king and are treated as autonomous city-states by the greater monarchy. Each small region is autonomous in that they all have their own individual armies.

[edit] Geography

Geographically speaking, Windor is rich in a variety of landscapes. Hills and mountains, lakes, rivers, access to seas, plains and forests are all staples of Windorian geography.

[edit] Landmarks

  • Gloandi, their Valkines Cryas and key to their prosperity
  • The meadow located at the top of Lhant Hill
  • Lake Grale, an important lake in Windor around which the five High Roads are built and the primary source of their fishing industry

[edit] Towns

[edit] Dungeons

[edit] Local Delicacies

Windor is known for several different things. For one thing it's known for its specially colored cows, but it's also known for its three major crops: apples, potatoes and carrots. Tea leaves are also a popular export, however they are not considered a major crop.

[edit] Notable People

Windor is the home and native country of much of the game's cast, particularly Asbel, Richard, Cheria, Kerri, Aston, Hubert, Bailey and Frederick. Among many others....

[edit] Trivia

  • The national slogan for the Windorian army is "May the wind guide our blades!"
  • Windor's national crest appears to be that of a phoenix, specifically a Fenghuang or Chinese Phoenix
  • Before Ephinea had been given proper shape, the place Windor now stands was a barren wasteland
  • Windor bears many resemblances to the UK in real life in the sense that it's made up of individual "lands" that are all united under one kingdom. All the monsters--as well as cities--in the country, naturally, have English-sounding names.
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