'“The people need a leader to guide them. Otherwise they will go astray.”
- Wingul
Right Hand Man to Gaius
Full name Lin Long Dau
Age 28
Species Human
Height 175 cm
Appearances Tales of Xillia


[edit] Introduction

The leader of the Chimeriad, the direct subordinate of Gaius. Wingul is the title that signifies “wing”. As the right hand of Gaius, he is the young minister that manages the public administration of Auj Oule, and also makes all the operations as the chief of staff on the military side. He has known Gaius for a long time but strictly draws the line between public and private, and does not show any behavior in front of others that presents himself he has known Gaius for a longer time than the other members of the Chimeriad. Normally sedate, he speaks clear so that everything is in black and white. However, when in battle he drastically changes, as if becoming a totally different person with a violent personality. He also losses the ability to speak the common tongue of Rieze Maxia, and begins to speak Long Dau.

[edit] Childhood

Wingul, then named Lin, was born as the heir of the powerful Long Dau tribe. Not only was he the long awaited heir of Long Dau, he was a child prodigy, and his clan had high expectations for him. From very early on, he displayed interest and skills in warfare – reading military strategy books and solving difficult problems at the mere age of 8. He spent a peaceful and happy early childhood with his retainer and best friend Nils Frieden, who was four years older.

His life took a drastic change 17 years before the events of Xillia, when Arst Outway killed his father, Lars Long Dau. Arst, who was now calling himself Gaius, had formed a group named Taurus and had started antagonizing the big tribes, amongst which the Long Dau tribe. Lars Long Dau had left to face him with a small army to teach him a lesson, but instead of bringing a humiliated Gaius back to the Long Dau capital like he had planned, he came back as a corpse. Young Lin, age 11, succeeded his father, surrounded by his three uncles, Yan, Ingo and Bruno. They swore revenge against Taurus and devoted all their clan’s resources to get Gaius’s head.

Lin was still too young to be taken seriously despite his brilliant tactician mind, and his uncles discarded his advice to rush into battle after battle. But the war against Taurus was unfruitful and cost Yan and Ingo their lives. After their death, Lin started participating more actively and people started to call him “The Little General”. His last uncle, Bruno, eventually died as well when he and his horse fell into a ravine during a retreat. The clan at the time was in complete chaos, with many soldiers and nobles defecting to the enemy side, and Lin’s mother, unable to bear it any longer, committed suicide.

Under Lin’s lead, the Long Dau army cornered Taurus on several occasions, but Gaius still remained undefeated.

[edit] Wingul and Gaius

15 years before the game, Lin finally managed to trap Gaius’s forces in the Mon Highlands. However, despite being surrounded and overpowered, Gaius kept his cool and noticed that there was a high risk of the battle causing an avalanche. He went to meet Lin in person to warn him of the incoming disaster. Lin acknowledged the risk but was dubious as to Gaius’s motives for telling him. His father’s name came up and he felt the urge to slay Gaius there, but he kept a cool head and listened to what Gaius had to say. He eventually had his troops retreat, and when the avalanche eventually struck, no casualties were made. The Battle of Mon Highlands ended peacefully.

Gaius left a strong impression on Lin that day, and he started seeing him as worthy of becoming king. Born in the big Long Dau tribe, Lin had entertained the idea of unifying the country himself one day, but he recognized Gaius’s worth and superiority, and let go of his selfish ambitions and desire for revenge for the sake of his clan and Auj Oule. He surrendered and offered his clan’s support to Gaius’s revolution the next day. Gaius, recognizing his talents and impressed by his decision to listen to him to save his men, made him his tactician and right-hand man. Lin took on the name Wingul, the wing of the Chimera.

Together, they overcame many other tribes and Gaius became king of Auj Oule after their successful invasion of Kanbalar, 10 years ago. However, the previous king, Merad, escaped and gained support from Rashugal, who had started to see Gaius as a serious threat. He rose against him one year later in the Battle of Arklund. This was the first battle in which boosters were used, though they were still incomplete. Merad had them developed from stolen data about spyrixes. But despite the boosters and help from Rashugal, Merad lost the battle.

[edit] Boosters

Wingul took an interest in boosters after the battle and resumed Merad’s research in the Labari Research Institute. Seven years before the game, Wingul, now 21, fought the rebel Ortega Kitarl (the future Jiao), but despite giving his all, he was still overcome by Ortega’s raw power and suffered serious injuries. Ortega later targeted Gaius, who defeated him with ease. Frustrated by his lack of strength, Wingul decided to participate actively in booster research and became the first human test subject, implanting a booster directly into his brain. He suffered greatly from secondary effects, but to him, pain, however intense it was, was a small price in exchange for power.

When Wingul activates his booster, he not only gains in strength, but his mind is also affected. He becomes very aggressive and violent, and it is difficult to reason with him in that state. The effects on his brain also make him unable to speak anything but Long Dau, his mother tongue, used by a small elite of his tribe. His hair also turns white.

Wingul met Elize in the institute, as she was one of the test subjects used in the research, among many other orphans. The institute was eventually dismantled one year before the game when Rashugal spies actually working for Exodus (including Alvin) attempted to infiltrate it. Nils died in the battle against the spies, shot by Alvin, and Wingul promised him to restore the Long Dau tribe one day, as well as to insure that the orphans would be well cared for after the institute was dismantled.

[edit] For Gaius

Wingul noticed from Gaius’s interactions with Milla that Gaius was looking for someone strong like him with whom he could share his goal. Their different opinions on some issues prevented that, yet Gaius showed no inclination in getting rid of her or Jude, which Wingul found dangerous, as it could get in the way of his ideal. That is why he took on the role of doing the dirty job and eliminating the threat himself. The other reason why he was not able to acknowledge Jude was that he himself had suppressed his own desires in order to serve a greater cause, by following Gaius, who he saw as worthy to be king. Jude, on the other hand, acted according to his own wishes and desires, and for Wingul to acknowledge him, it would mean denying a part of himself.

However, he failed to thwart the party, and even his last attempt to prevent them from reaching Gaius did not work. Weakened by the secondary effects of his booster, he died wishing that Gaius would succeed.

[edit] Random Facts

  • Wingul means “wing”.
  • His real name means “reincarnation” in an ancient language. He was thus named after the cycle of life on which the world is based. It’s a noble name, fitting for a prince.
  • His different titles are "The Little General", "Wingul the Nova" ("Wingul the Revolutionary" in the original) and "The Ebon Wing of Auj Oule".
  • He showed interest in the arts and literature from an early age.
  • At the time, the culture he lived in looked down on things like military planning – tactics and strategies were deemed to be for the cowardly and physical strength and swords skills was all that mattered. He was thus forced to learn swordsmanship as soon as he could hold a sword, though he had little interest in it at the time.
  • When they joined Taurus, Nils became his direct subordinate. Gaius wasn’t picky as to who joined him for what reasons, so when people only joined because they were loyal to others, he let them stay by their side.
  • He plays shogi (/chess?).
  • He knows a lot about flowers.
  • He likes porange wine.
  • Gaius Dumplings was his idea. He got the idea to produce Gaius-themed sweets to raise his king’s popularity among the population. He even wrote a CM song for it, which goes: “Sweet and cute~ Gaius Dumplings~ Watch it, stroke it, eat it~ A strange sour taste shines through the sweetness~ Once you taste it, you fall in love~ The King of Sweets!! Gaius Dumplings~." Gaius banned the song but it still somehow made its way to the public.
  • In a skit, Leia wonders if he’s in love with Gaius. The line was changed in the localization so that he just “looks up to him” though.
  • Part of the reason he sought power from the booster was to be able to catch up to Gaius’s strength. Should Gaius ever stray from his path, Wingul was planning to kill him and take his place.
  • His battle dying quote is “Hidig’nun tun, Arst" (Forgive me, Arst). It is the only one for which the player can find clues to understand it in the game (through the "Poetry and Dictionaries" and "The History of Auj Oule" sidequests).

[edit] Battle Quote Translations

  • Kanbalar fight opening chat: I’ll cut you in pieces!
  • Fezebel fight opening chat: I’ll wipe you out!
  • Temporal Crossroads fight opening chat: For Gaius! / No one shall pass!
  • Coliseum fight opening chat: You have no chance!
  • Attacks: Take this! / Booster! / Spill! / Die!
  • Recovering: Baiba!
  • Getting up: No way!
  • Overlimits: Play time!
  • 1/4th health: Not bad…
  • Taunt: You’re no match!
  • Stunned: Damn…
  • Status ailment: What?
  • Pincer formation with partner: Die already!
  • Link with Jiao: Alert, Jiao!
  • Link with Presa: Ready, Presa?
  • Link with Agria: Counting on you!
  • Death: Forgive me, Arst…
  • Victory: Is that all?
  • Flame Ring: Burn!
  • Sunburst: Cremate!
  • Arrivederci: Mighty wind!
  • Cyclone: Mince them to pieces!
  • Lightning Nova: Be ready! Taste the lightnings! Lightning Nova!

[edit] Credits

  • Article partly copied from the Tales of Translations page on tumblr with explicit permission.
  • Sources: Tales of Xillia, Tales of Xillia 2, Tales of Xillia Perfect Guide, Tales of Xillia 2 Perfect Guide, Tales of Xillia Official World Guidance Book, Tales of Xillia 2 Official World Guidance Book, Tales of Xillia Fan's Bible.
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