Yu Liberte

Yu Liberte is the name of the capital city of Strahta in Tales of Graces and Tales of Graces f.


[edit] Structure

As with the other capital cities in the world, Yu Liberte is where the seat of Strahta's government is located. Water from the nearby Valkines Cryas is used to make the city into something of an oasis of sorts--fountains and water are abundant throughout the whole city.

The city is divided into three districts:

  • The Commercial District, where shops can be found
  • The Residential District, where you can find various houses
  • and the Governmental District, where the President's Palace and roads leading to the northern port and another desert highroad are located

[edit] Story Importance

Yu Liberte is where the party goes to argue on Hubert's behalf when it seems that his position as the commander of the units in Lhant is being threatened.

[edit] Notable People

Yu Liberte, being the capital, is mostly filled with nobility and high class citizens. It's where the Oswells live and where Hubert grew up during those seven years.

President Paradine is also from here.

[edit] Trivia

  • "Yu Liberte", true to form for the rest of Strahta, is French in origin. "Liberte" means "liberty" or "freedom".
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