Yuan Ka-Fai

Yuan Ka-Fai
Yuan Ka-Fai, Double-Agent of the Worlds
Japanese Name Yuan Kaafei
Age 4,000+
Race Half-Elf
First Appearance Tales of Symphonia
Other Appearances Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

Yuan Ka-Fai is both one of Cruxis' Four Seraphim and the leader of the Renegades, which means he leads both of the organizations that have a large impact on both worlds. However, his heart rests in the Renegades, and trying to stop Mithos' Age of the Half-Elves. Yuan has a very secretive aura to him, which causes people to be frightened when around him.


[edit] Biography

Yuan Ka-Fai is a Half-Elf of Cruxis. He is also the leader of the Renegades, which proves that he is a double-agent.

4,000+ years ago, Yuan lived in Asgard, long before it was known as Asgard. During this time, he joined his friends Mithos, Martel and Kratos on a journey to stop the Ancient War.

On their journey, Yuan and Martel became engaged. However, Martel was killed by a human, which caused Mithos to go into denial and use the Summon Spirits trust that he had acquired on their journey to split the world of Aselia in two. Yuan and Kratos turned their backs on Mithos, and ran away from Cruxis. They both went their seperate ways, and eventually Mithos found both of them. Yuan had already started the Renegades, and Kratos had already been forced to kill his wife, so it was of little consequence.

Yuan used the Renegades secretly against Cruxis. Mithos did not find out that Yuan lead the Renegades until the end of Tales of Symphonia. When he did find out, Yuan betrayed Cruxis altogether, and joined with the Renegades completely. He aided Lloyd and the party in stopping Cruxis.

[edit] In Battle

Yuan uses a dual-sided blade when you fight him in the Renegade Base, known as a swallow. His element is Thunder.

In battle, Yuan fights with a quick Melee type. He uses stronger versions of Volt's attacks when using a Tech, and uses his own basic attacks. Yuan is able to cast some of the strongest lightning magic (if not the strongest) in the entire game of Tales of Symphonia, including a powerful Tech, Indignation.

For spellcasters, Yuan can be very annoying. He is fast, and he is strong, so having 1-2 Melee characters on him at once is always a good idea. If Raine is in the party, have her repeatedly cast Photon and Ray for the entire battle.

For melee characters, Yuan is not a big deal. He can still be hard to take down however. He doesn't stagger easily, and your melee characters stagger TOO easily. Keeping him in the air is one way to keep him from dominating your spellcasters, and is definitely a recommended strategy. If you are using Lloyd, have him use Rising Falcon. If you are using Zelos, have him use any variant of the Light Spear family, but keep the Lightning Blade family off.

[edit] Relations

[edit] Allies

Kratos Aurion - Kratos is probably the man that Yuan trusts the most, despite not showing it within Tales of Symphonia. They are both former companions of Mithos, and are both Mithos' allies during the events of Symphonia. However, Yuan and Kratos see differently, which causes them to hate each other during the period of this game. In Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, you find out that they have thrown this hatred away (which probably happened at the end of Symphonia, after the Flanoir event with Kratos), and are now best friends.

Botta - Botta is the co-leader of the Renegades, alongside Yuan. Yuan seems to place a lot of trust in him, as well as hope for the Renegades. However, Yuan doesn't show any grief when Botta dies destroying the Remote Island Ranch. This could either mean Yuan knew it would happen, or Yuan didn't care for Botta as much as he let on.

Lloyd Irving - Yuan never shows that he truly trusts or enjoys being around Lloyd, but it is hinted many times during Tales of Symphonia, then revealed completely during Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. Lloyd works with the Renegades and Yuan to stop Mithos' Age of the Half-Elves, and wouldn't be able to get it done without Yuan's assistance. Yuan doesn't show any compassion to Lloyd until the end of the game, where he helps them get into the Tower of Salvation through a secret path.

Martel Yggdrasill - Despite the fact that she is not seen in the game, Yuan loves and understands Martel. Yuan and Martel were engaged before Martel was killed by a group of humans. Now, Yuan is trying to fulfill her true last wish (a world with no racism), while Mithos is trying to fulfill a distorted version of this wish, which he calls the Glorious Age of the Half-Elves.

[edit] Enemies

Mithos Yggdrasill - Mithos is Yuan's worst enemy, as well as Yuan's former companion, and current boss. While Mithos tries to fulfill a distorted version of Martel's last wish, Yuan is trying to stop this AND fulfill her last wish using the Renegades. Yuan actually uses Mithos throughout most of the game, until Mithos finds out that Yuan is the leader of those "filthy Renegades who are always getting in his way", which causes Yuan to cut all efforts in helping Mithos.

Cruxis - Yuan is the leader of the Renegades, which means he is trying to stop Cruxis and their plans. However, Yuan is also one of the Four Seraphim, which means he is a leader of Cruxis. He uses this position to get information about what Cruxis is doing, and uses that information to strike Cruxis using the Renegades. When Mithos finds out about Yuan leading the Renegades, Yuan mentions something about evacuating the Renegades before they die. This means that Mithos had the power to destroy all of the Renegades with little to no trouble.

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