Yuri Title List

Title How to Obtain
Downtown Boy
  • default
  • Storyline title
  • Storyline title
Certified Soldier (Costume)
  • Obtain Estelle's Noble Princess title
  • Talk to Drake in Aurnion
Dark Enforcer (Costume)
  • Sleep at Capua Torim Inn the first time you enter the town
  • When entering Nordopolica for the first time, a scene involving Yuri breaking a fight should occur
  • Speak to the couple near a cauldron in the southern part of Nordopolica
  • Sleep at the Nordopolica Inn
  • After getting Ba'ul, talk to Shel who is in the Royal Quarter of Zaphias
  • Talk to Lune who in the public quarter
  • Sleep at the Zaphias Inn
  • After completeing Zaude go back to Zaphias' Royal Quarter
  • After Aurnion is created go to Zaphias' Royal Quarter
True Knight (Costume)
  • Complete all 23 Secret Missions in one playthrough
  • Talk to Flynn
Improvisionist (Costume)
  • After Tarqaron appears, go to the gynamsium in Nam Cobanda Isle and talk to the man standing in front of the stage
Tank Top Lover (Costume)
  • After completing Zaude , go to Yumanju which is located in the Northwest Continent
  • Pay 300,000 Gald to the receptionist on the right
  • Leave, then pay 600,000 Gald to the same receptionist
  • Leave again, then talk to the receptionist
Hope of the Town
  • Reach the top of Tarqaron
  • Talk to Tep who is in Zaphias' Lower Quarter
Commoner Chef
  • Master every recipe with any character except for Repede
  • Enter the cooking competition in Dahngrest as that charcter
Kingdom Celeb
  • Talk to Lune during the Dark Enforcer sidequest
Recollection Guardian
  • After Zaude, talk to the guard to the right in Dahngrest's Fortune's Market
  • Talk to the man standing on top of Yumanju's left corner near a vending machine
  • Inpect the vending machine for three of the statues
  • Talk to Hanks in Zaphias' Lower Quarter
  • One is in the 10 chip capsule machine in Name Cobanda Isle
  • Two are in the 50 chip capsule machine
  • Two are in the 100 chip capsule machine
  • One is in the 500 chip capsule machine
  • Talk to the man in Yumanju
Dark Lion
  • Clear the 200-Man Meele as Yuri
Treasure Hunter
  • Finish the Recollection Guardian sidequest
  • Talk to Ant Lion across from the Nam Cobanda Isle ticket counter
  • Find at least 86% of items in the world
  • Talk to Ant Lion
Basic Swordsman
  • default
Skilled Swordsman
  • Reach Level 20
Master Swordsman
  • Reach Level 60
Legendary Swordsman
  • Reach Level 100
Beginner Combo User
  • Perform a 10 hit combo
Advanced Combo User
  • Perform a 30 hit combo
Combo Master
  • Perform a 100 hit combo
King of Combos
  • Perform a 150 hit combo
Fatal Striker
  • Perform 100 Fatal Strikes as Yuri
  • Fight 255 battles on Hard difficulty or harder
Item Hater
  • Don't use items until you beat Barbos
  • View the skit that appears after the battle
  • Alternatively, you can obtain this title after unlocking all skits

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