Zagi is an excellent fighter and also a tad bit insane. Also a main antagonist of Tales of Vesperia, he also appears to be working for Leviathan's Claw although he is seen working for Barbos and Duke also. You first meet Zagi while you are hiding in Flynn's room very early in the game. He mistakes Yuri Lowell for Flynn Scifo and attacks Yuri. Later in the game, you fight him again on a boat. This time Yuri makes Zagi bleed during the battle. Zagi had never fought an enemy that made him bleed before, so he is now obsessed with following Yuri's group and attacking Yuri. You fight him a total of five times throughout the main storyline of the game. By the end, half of his body seems to be made out of blastia. His voice also makes on a mechanical sound mixed in with his actual voice. He finally dies after the fifth battle with him in Tarquaron. He falls off the platform you were fighting on and falls to his death.

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