Zaveid in Tales of Zestiria
Race Seraphim
Height 6'1" (187cm)
Weapon Twin Guns/Pendulums
Appearances Tales of Zestiria
Voice Actor(s) JP Kenjirou Tsuda
ENIan Sinclair

Zaveid is a character that appears in Tales of Zestiria. He is a wind Seraphim and has been described as elusive in both words and actions. He is well known for hitting on women and making wise cracks. Despite his outwardly jovial demeanor he can turn deadly when he has to get serious and maintains his composure and defense in dire situations.

[edit] Trivia

  • In the skit "Maltran's True Feelings", Zaveid casually makes a comment that insinuates he's at least 1,000 years old, however it's possible that he's older than that.
  • His true name is "Filk Zadeya"

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