Zenrus, aka Gramps, is a lightning seraph NPC from Tales of Zestiria.

Race Seraphim
Gender Male
Height 3'11" (120cm)
Hometown Elysia
Family Sorey (Guardian), Mikleo (Guardian)
JP Seiyuu Ichiro Nagai (Game), Kenichi Ogata (OVA)
Other Appearances Tales of Zestiria: Dawn of the Shepherd


[edit] History

Many ages ago, he was enshrined and worshiped at Mabinogio Ruins as the God of Thunder. Eventually he became the elder high ranking seraph of Elysia. Following the massacre of Camlann, he along with the seraphs Caim and Maisen traveled to the destroyed, malevolence-filled village to assess what had happened. Upon arrival, they find a dead, prematurely born Sorey alongside his dead mother. Zenrus, taking pity on the child, takes him up and uses a seraphic arte to revive the child, much to the disbelief of the other two seraphim. Shortly after he's approached by an injured Muse with baby Mikleo, freshly reborn as a seraph. At the behest of Muse and with the promise of her oath to be the barrier that protects Elysia from the malevolence born in Camlann, he takes both babies with him back to Elysia. Raised communally amongst himself and the rest of the Elysians, he trained them both for the role he felt was destined for them--to be the Shepherd and his Sub Lord--until the day when Sorey and Mikleo left Elysia to start their journey.

Later on, his domain is breached by the corrupt Bartlow along with the Lord of Calamity, Heldalf. While in pursuit of Heldalf as he heads towards Camlann, Muse's barrier becomes broken and Zenrus is absorbed into the Lord of Calamity's body, kept alive but held hostage. The breaking of the barrier causes malevolence to seep into Elysia and hellions begin to appear. By the time Sorey and company arrive where Heldalf is, it's too late to save Zenrus, as Heldalf toys them with the fact that they'd have to kill him in order to free their guardian, an option they can't allow to happen. In a show of defiance to Heldalf and act of mercy towards Zenrus, Sorey and Mikleo pierce through him together. While the two of them were understandably distraught, Zenrus met his end with a smile on his face because of the deep bond between them.

[edit] Appearance

Zenrus is an incredibly stout, old seraph. His hair is white with one piece on the top of his head sticking up in a lightning bolt shape with the tip tinted a golden yellow to show his element. He wears seraphic robes, mainly white with a blue vest over it that has yellow designs on it, presumably displaying his element as well. When standing, he can be seen wearing stilt-like shoes.

[edit] Personality

As the village elder in Elysia, he has a protective nature of those that dwell in his domain. In the beginning of the game, he exhibits extreme caution towards humans due to the malevolence they tend to attract to themselves. When it comes to Sorey and Mikleo, he's stern but caring.

[edit] Trivia

  • Lailah has only met him once before.
  • Due to the age of his Shrine, it's possible that he's as old as the Era of the Gods.
  • If he is that old, it's also possible that he either used to be or still is the Great Lord of Lightning, due to the fact Great Lord status depends on age and not necessarily one's power.

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